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Türkiye Earthquake Appeal

Türkiye and Syria have been hit by a catastrophic earthquake that has left thousands homeless, hungry, and in dire need of help to restore the nation.

An earthquake unlike any other seen by the region!

A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake has struck the region of Türkiye and Syria, causing widespread devastation and loss of life. This earthquake is recorded as one of the strongest to hit the region in the last 100 years. Reports indicate that more than 1,700 buildings have collapsed in Türkiye, leaving thousands of people homeless and exposed to the cold winter weather. The death toll has reached over 5000 people, with over 3,400 confirmed dead and 20,500 injured in Türkiye alone. The situation in Syria is equally dire, with over 1,600 people reported dead and 3,600 injured.
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Rescue and food supplies

The human toll of this disaster is enormous, as families mourn the loss of loved ones and communities come together to support those who have been affected. The earthquake has also left millions of people displaced, forcing them to seek shelter in temporary camps and makeshift accommodations. Essential food supplies and recue has been carried out by Aghosh Uk, but we still require support to make the situation livable.

Shelter for the displaced population

In the compassionate spirit of community and giving, Aghosh UK warmly invites you to be part of a series of fundraising dinners dedicated to providing urgent aid to the people of Palestine. Our collaborative effort with Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA) brings us together in a united call to action amidst one of the most severe crises of our times.

Helping Türkiye Build-Back

Aghosh UK is working tirelessly to bring relief to the victims of this disaster. We are distributing hot meals, blankets, mattresses, and shelter tents to those in need.

Financial Support


Food Packages

Rescue Support

How Can You Help?

Your donations will make a critical difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster. Your support will help us provide emergency shelters, hot meals, and basic relief to those in need. Every little bit helps, and your generosity can bring hope and comfort to those who are suffering.

Donate a Food Pack

Feed families in need. Donate a food pack today.

£ 5 (One-off Donation)

Donate a Tent

Shelter the homeless. Donate a tent and make a difference.

£ 350 (One-off Donation)

Donate a Mattress

Ensure comfort for those in need. Donate a mattress today.

£ 50 (One-off Donation)

Custom Donation

Your generous contribution today helps us create a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

Give the gift of love and support by sponsoring orphans in Türkiye today.

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