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Pakistan Flood Appeals

2.1 Million Houses in Pakistan are Damaged or Destroyed due to Floods. We have initiated a rehabilitation drive to put people back in homes

Supporting Flood-Affected Communities In Pakistan

The devastating floods in Pakistan have had an immense human toll and also caused severe damage to critical infrastructure, including homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, roads, bridges, and agricultural land. As a result, more than 33 million people’s lives and health have been substantially impacted, with over 8 million people displaced across the country

The Heart Wrenching Numbers

People Dead
0 K
Left Homeless
0 M

Safe and secure housing rehabilitaion

We’ve provided safe and secure housing for 180 families affected by the floods and supported 800 others for in houses rehabilitation.

Building community centres and masajid

We’ve restored 30 mosques to help provide spiritual and emotional support to those affected by the floods.

Restoring Clean Water and Livelihoods

Aghosh UK is working tirelessly to bring relief to the victims of this disaster. We are distributing hot meals, blankets, mattresses, and shelter tents to those in need.

Provide healthcare access for flood victims.

Promote education for children affected.

Deliver food aid to those in need.

Rebuild homes and infrastructure.

Want to Donate?

By donating to our Rebuild a Nation campaign, you can join us in making a real difference in the lives of those affected by the floods in Pakistan.

Rebuild a House

This Donation will help us rebuild a House in the disaster effected areas in Pakistan

£ 1,000 (Per-Month)

Rebuild a School

This Donation will help us rebuild a School in the disaster effected areas in Pakistan

£ 2,500 (Per-Month)

Rebuild a Masjid

This Donation will help us rebuild a Masjid in the disaster effected areas in Pakistan

£ 5,000 (Per-Month)

Custom Donation

Your generous contribution today helps us create a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

We can help rebuild someone's home and their hope in humanity

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