Ramadhan Zakat Donation Appeal
As Muslims, we have a responsibility to the international Muslim community and to those less fortunate than us. Zakat & Sadaqah are two of the most important pillars of Islam, and it is a duty that we must all fulfil.

Key Statistics

As a developing country located in the South-Asian region, Pakistan faces enormous challenges due to Poverty, Healthcare, Infrastructure, and, most recently due to Climate Disasters like the Pakistan Floods 2022. These figures can make the case for themselves:


PK Population Below Poverty

22.8 Million

Out of School Children

4.2 Million

PK Orphans

Pakistan faces challenges on multiple fronts and, the most affected by these, are orphaned children who need watchful guardians to see through their social development.

Helping Our Brothers & Sisters 
The scale of the suffering in Pakistan is immense right now, weakening millions with poverty. We must preform our duty and help others. We must act.

Let’s practice Islam by donating a generous Zakat & Sadaqah.

Basic Tenets of Islam

Both Zakat and Sadaqah are basic tenets of Islam, crucial in helping the needy, as they provide a means of financial support for the struggling classes. The money collected as Zakat or Sadaqah can be used to provide food, clothing, and shelter for the poor, as well as to fund healthcare and education initiatives.

Zakat Donations Are Needed For Philanthropic Work

A Month of Spiritual Cleansing

In addition to helping those in need, Zakat and Sadaqah also serve to purify one’s wealth and attain spiritual benefits. By giving generously to those in need, Muslims around the world fulfil their religious obligation and earn rewards for the hereafter.

This display of selflessness is a core Islamic principle, and constitutes as the classical benchmark of modern-day philanthropy.

Aghosh UK Needs Support for Disaster Relief Programmes

Dedicate Your Zakat for Orphans

We are supporting over 20,000 Orphaned Children in Türkiye and Pakistan. This Ramadhan, we aim to increase Orphan Sponsorships with your Zakat.

Our Orphan Support Programme

At Aghosh UK, we provide orphans with a safe and nurturing environment where they can get all their basic needs and education in order to realize their true potential. We have supported thousands of orphans so far, but there are still many more who are in need of our help.

Your Zakat Makes A Difference!

Be a Part of Our Mission

We have many success stories of orphan children who have received support from Aghosh UK and have gone on to become productive members of society.

Read OFSP Case Studies on our Website

About Aghosh UK

Aghosh UK is a charity organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people in need. We work in partnership with the AlKhidmat foundation to provide assistance to those facing poverty, disasters, and other challenges.