Emergency Appeal for Gaza and Palestine

A Humanitarian Catastrophe

Aghosh UK absolutely condemns all attacks on any innocent civilians, and calls for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian relief to reach those in need. Aghosh UK calls on world leaders to demand an end to the decades of occupation of Palestinian lands, and to find a lasting solution where Palestinians can live with their neighbours in peace, safety, security and dignity.

Appeal for Humanitarian Relief

Since airstrikes on Gaza started in October 2023, at least 23,210 civilians have been killed, and more than 59,167 injured, with the figures set to increase as airstrikes continue. Nearly 50% of those killed are children. UNWRA reports that 1.8million people have been internally displaced. The UN reports that about 40,000 structures have been destroyed, including many homes, schools, and hospitals, and the population has had to flee to already overcrowded refugee camps in the southern part of Gaza. As Israeli attacks and blockades continue, the UN reports a high possibility of starvation and the WHO (World Health Organisation) reports a surge in contagious diseases.

Current Situation in Gaza

The unprecedented attacks have created an unprecedented humanitarian disaster with an urgent need for an immediate ceasefire and the safe and unhindered passage of aid, including food, water and medical supplies to the people of Gaza. 

It is our duty to support the people of Palestine

Shaykh Haytham Tameem

Aghosh UK has an unwavering commitment to provide aid and assistance to the people of Gaza and Palestine.

Since the start of the attacks, Aghosh UK has been working in collaboration with Alkhidmat Foundation and other local partners to provide urgent supplies to the people of Gaza, including much needed food, hot meals and medical aid.

Impact on Public Health Infrastructure in Gaza

As most public health infrastructure in Gaza has been destroyed or left debilitated due to airstrikes, bombing and the blockade on fuel, Aghosh UK have partnered with PIMA (Palestinian International Medical Aid) and other partners to raise funds for Mobile Health Units, ICU ambulances, trauma kits and other other emergency medication.

Mobile Health Units (MHUs) are equipped with doctors, nurses, equipment and medication. MHUs can treat the sick and injured who do not have access to hospitals. Aghosh UK also continues to provide hot meals, food and water.

Your donations make a difference. Please continue to give generously.

A snapshot

The grim reality for the people of Gaza before the October 2023 attacks:

The Unfolding Reality

As of January 2024, over 22,000 people have been killed, including 10,000 children, and many more remained unaccounted for beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings. Nearly 60,000 people are injured, of which 70% are women and children. Over 1.8 million people have been forced to flee to already overcrowded refugee camps in the south. Meanwhile fuel, water and food blockades continue.

This most recent attack on the Palestinian people may be the most brutal yet. Over 3 months have passed, and with no ceasefire in sight, the population of Gaza face a humanitarian disaster. Your donations make a difference

Aghosh UK - providing support and hope to the people of Gaza and Palestine for a better future

In the longer term, Aghosh UK will continue to champion the people of Gaza and Palestine. Aghosh UK will continue to

Join Aghosh UK and extend your support to the people of Gaza and Palestine.

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