Orphan Care Programme

Over 28,000 Orphans Supported So Far…Will You Join Us?

Pakistan has between 4 and 10 million orphans. Many of these children have lost one or both parents due to poverty, natural disasters or conflict.

Please support Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation (AKFP) –  together we can improve the life and future outcomes for orphans in Pakistan, Turkiye and beyond.

Aghosh UK Orphan Care Programmes

Each orphan child faces their own unique circumstances and challenges.

For this reason, Aghosh UK and AKFP orphan support programmes provide comprehensive care and support to meet these needs, whether that’s in an Aghosh Home, or in the home of the orphan

Aghosh Homes

Aghosh Homes provide orphan children with safety, stability, nourishing meals, education and the care and support they need to thrive.

Orphan Care Programme

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Care Programme empowers orphans by providing regular support for an education, health screening and other essentials from the safety and familiarity of their own home.

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