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Orphan Care Program

Orphan Care Programme - Supporting Orphans and their Guardians

In the event of losing one or both parents, one of the biggest challenges an orphan might face is having to move to a new, unfamiliar environment. 

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Care Programme addresses this concern by supporting an orphan to remain at home with their mother or guardian

Orphan Care Program
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Over 27,700 orphans have benefitted from our Orphan Care Programme

The Aghosh UK Orphan Care Programme gives a regular allowance to fund school fees and all education essentials including books, stationery, uniform and shoes. The Programme also provides support for social and spiritual growth and development.

Aghosh UK: Keeping Families Together and Helping them to Thrive

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Care Programme provides a comprehensive multi-module framework for the mental, social and spiritual growth and development of sponsored children up to the age of 16.

Orphans in the Orphan Care Programme receive an education, health screening, and other essentials, as well as opportunities for social and spiritual growth and development. 

Guardians are also given opportunities to become more self-reliant.

Homes Throughout Pakistan

Every child deserves to feel safe, loved, and cared for. Unfortunately, for many orphans in Pakistan, this is not the case. They are often left to fend for themselves, struggling to meet their basic needs and lacking the support and guidance they need to thrive.


Orphan Children: the most vulnerable members of our community

Orphans in Pakistan
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Supporting guardians and children

In the OFSP we provide the guardians of the children with monthly payments to ensure that all the needs of the kids are taken care of while keeping them in a safe and familiar environment. One of the biggest mental displacers are the absence of family and loved ones after a tragedy of losing ones parents.
AlKhidmat Orphane Care Program

How Does Aghosh Family Support Works?

  1. Direct transfer of amount in the bank account of orphan’s mother to help her bear the sustenance expenditure of her orphan child.
  2. Alkhidmat keeps a complete track of his/her educational progress of a sponsored child through appointed cluster incharge.
  3. Routine physical health screening of the child and mother is ensured. If a child is diagnosed for some medical treatment, OFSP arranges for the treatment as well.
  4. For a moral upbringing of the children and their mothers, Study Spaces have been established where children and their mothers visit regularly.
  5. Alkhidmat provides interest-free loans to the mothers of orphan children to help them become self-reliant members of the society. For this purpose, mothers are given cattle, sewing machine or sometimes they are given loan to start their own business.

Want to Donate?

By sponsoring an orphan through our programme, you can help provide them with the support and resources they need to grow up happy, healthy, and successful.

Support an Orphan for a Month

Sponsor an orphan for a month. This package helps us keep these kids in houses and provide for their essential needs


(per month)

Support an Orphan for a Year

Sponsor an orphan for a year. This package helps us keep these kids in houses and provide for their essential needs for the whole year


(per year)

Sponsor Two Orphans every Month

Sponsor two orphans for a month. This package helps us keep these kids in houses and provide for their essential needs on monthly basis

£60 p/m

(per month)


Your generous contribution today helps us create a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

Give the gift of love and support by sponsoring orphans today.

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