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Join The Movement: How You Can Support Aghosh UK’s Mission

Join The Movement How You Can Support Aghosh UKs Mission

Empower Positive Change in the World through Donations, Volunteering & Partnerships


Aghosh UK is a registered UK charity, and the UK chapter of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, is an internationally-recognised humanitarian charity and a household name in Pakistan. One of our key objectives is that everyone should have access to the essentials of life, including food, water, education and healthcare. With this in mind, we work to support the most vulnerable in society, including orphans, victims of disasters, as well as the poor, sick and needy. Working across multiple sectors, we provide food, shelter, education, healthcare, relief and rehabilitation where assistance is urgently needed.

This article explains how enthusiastic humanitarians like you can become a part of Aghosh UK’s community and support Aghosh UK’s mission “of serving humanity irrespective of religion, colour, caste, or race.” To learn more about Aghosh UK, click here.

We welcome volunteers and partnerships to expand our work and improve lives.  Read on to find out more about our work, and how your charity volunteering can make an impact.

Importance of Supporting Aghosh UK

In times of need, extending support to charitable organisations like Aghosh UK is more than just a gesture—it’s a tangible step towards positive change. Your donations to Aghosh UK directly impact lives, from providing essential resources to vulnerable communities to empowering individuals through education and healthcare initiatives.

Aghosh UK projects offer volunteers ample opportunities to apply their skills for the betterment of society. By donating or volunteering, you become a vital part of Aghosh UK’s mission, amplifying its impact and creating lasting change in communities. Your involvement not only benefits those in need but also fosters a sense of fulfilment and purpose in your own life. Together, through our collective support and commitment, we can continue to strengthen communities, uplift lives, and build a brighter future for all. Join the movement, and together, let’s make a meaningful difference with Aghosh UK.

Aghosh UK’s Charitable Work

Aghosh UK is a UK-registered charity based in Whitefield, Manchester. We are committed to improving lives and life chances for the most vulnerable in society through long-term initiatives as well as emergency disaster relief responses. We are well know for being a community service charity in the UK with philanthropic work in a wide range of sectors. Our flagship projects are mentioned below.

Aghosh UKs Charitable Work

Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal

Attacks on Gaza for over 230 days have destroyed most of the medical infrastructure, resulting in more than half of the facilities being declared out of service. This has left the population of over 2 million displaced people with extremely limited access to medical services. The Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal aims to improve the health and living conditions of refugees by providing ICU ambulances, mobile health units, medicine and trauma kits, and food and water supplies. Since October 2023, the project has been raising funds to provide urgent and essential healthcare to the population of Gaza.

Aghosh Homes

Our flagship programme Aghosh Homes provides safety, solace and nurturing to orphans who do not have any parents or guardians.  We enrol orphans in state-of-the-art boarding facilities providing accommodation, meals, education, health screenings, personal mentoring and social and psychological support. Currently, over 1600 orphans are enrolled through Aghosh Homes.

Orphan Care Programme

Our Orphan Care Programme (OCP) provides essential support for education and everyday finances for orphan children aged 16 and under, offering extensive mental, social, and moral assistance to nurture and support sponsored children through a comprehensive multi-module framework. Orphans within the OCP stay at home with their mother or other guardian. We’ve run this programme for decades with great success, and today, over 21,000 children have benefited from OCP (formerly known as the Orphan Family Support Programme OFSP).

Disaster Management

Aghosh UK also works with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan to deliver swift and effective responses in the wake of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods through our Disaster Management Programme.

During the Pakistan Monsoon Floods of 2022, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan coordinated our disaster relief efforts to help Pakistan & AJK flood victims. We built temporary shelters, provided emergency relief aid, and deployed over 1850 medical camps, treating 700,000+ patients.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan were also swift to respond to the sudden devastating earthquakes in Türkiye in early 2023. Our professional search and rescue teams were deployed in affected areas, providing crucial assistance to earthquake victims. Aghosh UK provided emergency relief items, shelter, medical aid, food packs and hot meals from mobile kitchens. We also established an Aghosh Home in Gaziantep to support orphans who lost their parents in the earthquake. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan acknowledged Alkhidmat’s relief efforts by bestowing a State Award for their service in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Aghosh UK’s work provides support and assistance in a range of areas, from orphan care to disaster management, healthcare, education, clean water, and more. Aghosh UK creates effective and sustainable programs by engaging and empowering community members and local partners.

Supporting Aghosh UK’s Mission

Donate to Aghosh UK

By donating to Aghosh UK, you’re investing in impactful programmes that address critical issues like orphan care, disaster management, and healthcare. Our registered charity ensures that your contribution is utilised effectively, supporting sustainable solutions and empowering communities for long-term resilience. With our expertise and innovative approaches, we maximise the impact of your donation, collaborating with partners to reach more beneficiaries and prioritise the needs of vulnerable groups.

Your support on our fundraising platforms enables us to provide holistic assistance, from immediate relief to long-term solutions, fostering positive social impact and promoting equality. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift those in need, and together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Supporting Aghosh UKs Mission

Volunteering Opportunities with Aghosh UK

To witness the Aghosh UK impact firsthand, we strongly encourage you to pursue the volunteering opportunities we offer.

Take the first step towards meaningful action by joining Aghosh UK’s volunteer network today. Together, we can make a difference and empower those facing adversity to thrive and succeed.

Find fulfilment in making a tangible difference, supported by flexible roles, recognition, and a sense of purpose in empowering vulnerable communities.

Volunteering Opportunities with Aghosh UK

 Aghosh UK Campaigning

In Pakistan, approximately one-quarter of the population still lives below the poverty line, with 22.8 million children out of school. These statistics highlight the urgent need for sustained support and intervention through systematic philanthropic campaigning. At Aghosh UK, our campaigns are meticulously organised to address the urgent needs of vulnerable communities.

Our campaigns are defined by clear, measurable objectives aligned with our mission. Engaging stakeholders, we collaborate with local communities, government bodies, and partner organisations to ensure our efforts are well-coordinated and impactful. We allocate necessary resources, developing a detailed budget to secure financial support. A dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and partners is assembled, each with specific roles and responsibilities. We create educational and promotional materials that align with our campaign’s objectives and messaging. The campaign is launched with an event that engages stakeholders, media, and community members.

You can also contribute your skills and passion to support vulnerable communities around the world.

Aghosh UK Community Events

Engaging in community events offers myriad opportunities to champion Aghosh UK’s mission and causes. Volunteers and partners can support our fundraising events in many ways, including by promoting them in their local communities. Aghosh UK works extensively with local partners in this regard. By working together, we have made an important positive difference in the lives of vulnerable communities; examples include delivering aid convoys to Gaza, building new homes for flood victims, and extending our support for orphans and street children through new Aghosh Homes, new Child Protection Centres, and increased orphan sponsorships.

Aghosh UK looks forward to continuing to build positive relationships with partners in local communities and other sectors so that we can extend the reach of our work together for lasting positive change.

Aghosh UK Community Events

Fundraising for Aghosh UK

Programme fundraising for Aghosh UK is a profound opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need. By fundraising for charities, you can drive sustainable development, strengthen community resilience, and advocate for social change, and help foster a brighter future for vulnerable people facing adversity.

Aghosh UK Fundraising Goals

Aghosh UK’s fundraising goals address the critical needs of vulnerable communities with a systematic approach. We conduct thorough assessments to identify needs and consult stakeholders to validate our findings. To mitigate identified challenges, Aghosh UK sets realistic and competitive fundraising targets, ensuring all areas receive attention by estimating costs and benchmarking against similar initiatives. For example, since socioeconomic statistics tell that 79% of Gaza’s labour force is unemployed and 80% of the population relies on humanitarian aid, there is a clear, urgent need to raise funds for our Palestine Food Aid Appeal.

Our strategy revolves around communicating our goals clearly, highlighting the tangible impact of contributions. Through this approach, we inspire donors to join our mission, knowing their support directly influences positive change. Regular reviews and adjustments keep our goals aligned with evolving community needs.

Partnership Programmes with Aghosh UK

Embarking on a partnership journey with Aghosh UK offers a multitude of compelling reasons to commit to our shared mission of making a positive impact on communities in need. By joining forces with us, you’re not just multiplying your efforts; you’re amplifying the potential for transformative change.

Our collaborative approach ensures that together, we can leverage diverse resources, expertise, and networks to address complex challenges effectively. Through strategic alliance and shared goals, we can extend our reach, engage communities, and drive sustainable development. With Aghosh UK as your partner, you gain access to innovative solutions, continuous support, and opportunities for reputation building.

Join us in our commitment to creating meaningful change and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Aghosh UK’s Local Partners

Collaborating with local partner charities amplifies Aghosh UK’s impact in crucial areas of our portfolio. These include but are not limited to orphanages, shelters, educational institutions, disaster relief organisations, food banks, distribution centres, support groups, community centres, etc. These local partners enable us to leverage local expertise, resources, and networks to reach more vulnerable communities effectively.

By joining forces with trusted organisations on the ground, we can deliver targeted assistance, support sustainable development, and foster community resilience. In collaboration, we can address complex challenges and create a meaningful impact.

Aghosh UK’s Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with businesses and corporations presents valuable opportunities for Aghosh UK to expand its impact across its wide range of initiatives. These include but are not limited to corporate sponsorships, employee fundraisers, in-kind donations, skill-based volunteering, cause-related event management, technology partnerships, etc. These collaborations enable us to access additional resources, expertise, and networks, strengthening our ability to serve vulnerable communities effectively. By forming strategic alliances with businesses committed to social responsibility, we can implement innovative solutions, support sustainable initiatives, and empower individuals and families in need.

Join us in forging meaningful charity collaborations and corporate partnerships that drive positive change and create lasting impact in communities worldwide.


By supporting Aghosh UK’s mission you can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer or collaborate, your involvement can amplify the impact of Aghosh UK’s initiatives and create lasting change. By supporting Aghosh UK, you are investing in impactful programmes that address critical issues and empower communities for long-term resilience. Please support the work of Aghosh UK with your time, skills and experience, and together, let’s make a meaningful positive difference.


  • Aghosh UK is a UK-registered charity with the mission of serving humanity through disaster relief, healthcare, education, and orphan support.

  • The organisation offers various ways for individuals to support its mission, including donating, volunteering, fundraising, and partnering.

  • Donations to Aghosh UK directly fund programs like the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal, Aghosh Homes, and the Orphan Care Programme.

  • Volunteering opportunities are available in areas such as orphan care, disaster management, education, health, and WASH programs.

  • Fundraising for Aghosh UK helps drive sustainable development and community resilience.

  • Partnership programs with local charities and corporations allow Aghosh UK to expand its reach and impact.
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