Gaza Ramadan Food Appeal

Shaykh Haytham Tamim, a renowned scholar and teacher, founder of Utrujj, and advisor and consultant on Islamic finance and Shariah, supports the work of Aghosh UK and PIMA (Palestine International Medical Aid) to provide urgently-needed humanitarian assistance and emergency food packs for Palestinians who remain trapped and besieged in Gaza during Ramadan.

Gaza Appeal

Feed the Fasting in Gaza

As we welcome the month of Ramadan, our thoughts turn to those in Gaza, where the breaking of the fast is not a certainty but a hope. Shaykh Haytham, in partnership with Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation, is leading the way/leading the campaign to ensure that hope is realised for as many as possible.

For just £25, you can provide a food pack that will sustain a family during Ramadan. Imagine the joy and relief your gift will bring at iftar, knowing that their fast will be broken with a meal you helped provide.

Embrace the Spirit of Giving this Ramadan

This Ramadan, let us unite in compassion and charity. A £25 donation to Aghosh UK provides a food pack that offers more than nourishment; it offers a message of solidarity to our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Each food pack contains:

  • Drinking Water: To quench the thirst of the fasting.
  • Wheat and Rice: To sustain them through the long days.
  • Pulses and Oil: To provide the energy needed to persevere.
  • Dates: To break the fast in a traditional and nutritious manner.
  • Tuna and Hummus: For protein-rich meals that nourish.
  • Beans and Sugar: Essentials for cooking and energy.
  • Rice and Macaroni: Staples for creating filling meals.
  • Jam and Halwa: Sweet treats to bring joy.
  • Additional Essentials: Including essential food items to maintain health during Ramadan.

A humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza

More than 150 days of airstrikes, bombings and ground raids on Gaza have created a humanitarian disaster on an unprecedented scale:

All in contravention of international law and against the common dictates of humanity.

The Blessing of Giving

As Ramadan teaches us self-discipline and gratitude, let it also be a time when we extend our blessings to others. Shaykh Haytham and Aghosh UK invite you to share the blessings of Ramadan with the needy in Gaza. Your donation is their sustenance, your charity their hope.

Together with Shaykh Haytham, let us light up Ramadan with acts of generosity. Let’s share the blessings we’ve been granted and bring comfort to those who await our support in Gaza.

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