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Empowering Communities: Aghosh UK Primary Health Initiatives

Empowering Communities Aghosh UK Primary Health Initiatives

Role of Mobile Health Units, ICU Ambulances, Field Clinics and more


Aghosh UK is dedicated to transforming the health landscape of underserved communities through its comprehensive health programmes. Collaborating with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, our health equity initiatives address critical healthcare needs, ensuring that even the most vulnerable populations receive quality medical care. Our organisation works closely with local healthcare providers, international partners, and community members to strengthen health systems and ensure sustainable impact. This article discusses our health programmes in great detail, read on to learn more.

Prioritising Healthcare in Underserved Communities

Aghosh UK Programmes are dedicated to bridging the healthcare gap in underserved communities. Defined by FEMA as “groups that have limited or no access to resources or that are otherwise disenfranchised”, these populations lack access to adequate healthcare which remains a critical challenge. This is due to such as geographic isolation, economic hardship, and limited health literacy. Many residents lack health insurance and face barriers due to cultural and language differences, hindering their ability to navigate healthcare systems effectively. Chronic diseases, environmental hazards, and high rates of infectious illnesses further strain community health. Educational disparities and social isolation compound these challenges, contributing to poorer health outcomes.

Pakistan’s healthcare system seems bleak with statistical estimates showing 0.64 hospital beds and 0.51 nurses per 1000 inhabitants. Addressing these issues requires targeted efforts to improve healthcare accessibility, enhance health education, and provide culturally sensitive medical services. By prioritising healthcare in underserved communities, Aghosh UK aims to embody its mission, vision and values.

Prioritising Healthcare in Underserved Communities

Overview of Aghosh UK Health Programmes

Mission & Vision: Ensuring Accessible Healthcare for All

As a UK health charity, Aghosh UK’s mission is rooted in the belief of healthcare for all. Our health mission statement envisions a world where healthcare services are not a privilege but a basic human right. By focusing on accessibility, affordability, and quality, Aghosh UK strives to create a healthcare system that serves all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Aghosh UK’s healthcare activities focus on improving the life expectancy and quality of underserved communities. From setting up diagnostic laboratories in AJK to Emergency Medical Aid in Gaza, all with the singular humanitarian goal of making healthcare a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.

Key Focus Areas: Primary Health, Maternal and Child Health, and Preventive Care

Aghosh UK’s health programmes encompass three key areas: primary health, maternal and child health, and preventive care. These areas are strategically chosen to address the most pressing health needs in marginalised communities. By focusing on these critical aspects, Aghosh UK ensures a holistic approach to healthcare that promotes long-term well-being.

  • By deploying mobile health clinics, the organisation brings essential medical services to remote areas, making healthcare accessible to those who would otherwise be deprived.
  • Community health centres establish localised health support, offering continuous care and fostering trust within the community.
  • In times of crisis, Aghosh UK provides emergency medical aid, delivering immediate relief and lifesaving interventions.
  • For maternal and child health, Aghosh UK’s programmes offer comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, immunisation drives, and nutritional support. These efforts ensure that mothers and their newborns receive the care they need for a healthy start, while children are protected from preventable diseases and malnutrition.
  • Preventive health measures, including health education, hygiene and sanitation initiatives, and vaccination campaigns, play a crucial role in building resilient communities. These measures not only prevent illnesses but also promote long-term health and well-being.

This article will discuss Aghosh UK’s Primary Health Initiatives in detail.

Aghosh UK’s Best Practices in Health Projects

At Aghosh UK, we follow international best practices to ensure that those most in need receive essential services. We conduct comprehensive community health needs assessments, using surveys and demographic data to identify pressing health issues. GIS mapping technology helps us pinpoint areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. Collaborating with local health authorities provides additional insights into regional health disparities, allowing us to target interventions effectively.

Our teams study socioeconomic indicators to identify low-income areas where healthcare services may be inadequate, ensuring our interventions address health inequities related to poverty. Our experts analyse data to identify communities with high incidences of preventable diseases, focusing on preventive measures and education. Partnering with local NGOs and community organisations leverages established trust and knowledge, enhancing our reach and impact. Through an effective allocation of limited resources, our health programmes bring healthcare to underserved communities across the world.

Primary Health Care Initiatives

Primary healthcare serves as the first point of contact for people seeking medical assistance, focusing on preventive care, health promotion, and treatment of common illnesses. It is characterised by its comprehensive nature, addressing a wide range of health issues from infancy to old age. The primary objective of primary healthcare is to provide essential health services that are universally accessible, affordable, and equitable. This approach emphasises community health services based on participation and empowerment, aiming to meet the specific health needs of diverse populations while promoting health literacy and self-care practices. Here are details of Aghosh UK’s primary care initiatives.

Mobile Health Units: Bringing Medical Services to Remote Areas

One of the standout initiatives of Aghosh UK is its Mobile Health Units (MHUs). With proven success in academia, These vehicle-mounted clinics travel to remote and hard-to-reach areas for our disaster management programmes, bringing essential medical services directly to flood affectees in Pakistan, earthquake victims in Turkiye or displaced families in Gaza.

Each Mobile Health Unit (MHU) typically includes 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 driver, 1 ambulance, medical equipment and medicine supplies. The flexible interior design of these hospitals-on-wheels allows for modular setups, enabling various medical services from triage to minor surgeries. Equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, our Mobile Health Units (MHUs) offer consultations, diagnostics, treatments, and follow-ups with their additional telemedicine capabilities. They are also equipped with diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound machines, X-rays, and blood testing devices to provide on-site diagnostics without unnecessary delays. These MHUs can also provide Emergency Medical Kits stocked with essential medications, first aid supplies, and emergency response equipment (depending upon the situation).

MHUs can also feature water purification units, supplying safe drinking water to underserved populations. Our MHUs also have the necessary communications to coordinate relief efforts with local and international partners. These hospitals-on-wheels maintain Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems securely and efficiently record and track patient data. In the post-disaster phase, these MHUs function as Mobile Pharmacies to dispense essential medicines and supplies, educate beneficiaries on preventive care practices and provide further consultations.

Mobile Health Units Bringing Medical Services to Remote Areas

ICU Ambulances: Saving Lives in the Field

Aghosh UK’s ICU Ambulances are saving lives across the globe by delivering advanced medical care directly to marginalised populations. In collaboration with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, we have delivered more than 280+ ICU Ambulances to flooded areas of Pakistan, earthquake-affected cities of Turkiye, conflict zones in Gaza, and more. Over the years, we have partnered with local partners like PIMA Palestine and Hayrat Yardim Turkiye to deliver modern medical equipment to provide healthcare services to vulnerable populations.

ICU Ambulances are key assets in delivering Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in developing countries. We deploy ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art life support systems, including ventilators, defibrillators, and cardiac monitors, ensuring patients receive critical care en route to hospitals. Portable imaging equipment, such as mobile X-ray and ultrasound machines, allow for immediate diagnostic assessments, while telemetry and telemedicine capabilities facilitate real-time monitoring and remote consultations with specialists. Additional patient monitoring systems track vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, enabling paramedics to make informed decisions swiftly. These technical features make ICU ambulances indispensable in delivering immediate, high-quality care to underserved communities during disasters.

Staffed with highly trained emergency medical technicians and paramedics, Aghosh UK’s ICU Ambulances deliver immediate care and life support during transport. Onboard critical care nurses can monitor and treat critically ill patients, while medical doctors can offer advanced medical decision-making and perform necessary procedures en route. A capable fleet of ICU Ambulances requires extensive logistics management via effective dispatches, routes, & patient transfers, ensuring smooth operations. These highly specialised roles significantly improve survival rates and outcomes for patients in vulnerable communities during disasters and conflicts.

Your support in equipping and maintaining these life-saving vehicles can make a significant difference in emergency medical responses, ensuring timely and effective care for those who need it most.

ICU Ambulances Saving Lives in the Field

Field Clinics: Baseline for Community Healthcare

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan have a history of coordinating international emergency responses across the globe, especially in countries like Pakistan, Turkiye, Syria, Egypt & Palestine by deploying accessible, low-cost Field Clinics to initiate delivery of medical services in affected areas. They are intended to provide accessible healthcare by bringing services directly to affected areas, ensuring underserved populations receive the necessary treatments. As of today, Alkhidmat Foundation has deployed more than 420+ medical camps in affected areas across the world.

Usually staffed by 2 Doctors, 2 Nurses & 1 Pharmacist, these Field Clinics form the baseline for community healthcare, offering critical services, beginning with medical assessment and triage to prioritise patients based on the severity of their conditions. Emergency care provides immediate attention to injuries and acute health issues. Chronic disease management ensures that individuals with conditions like diabetes and hypertension receive ongoing care. They also provide maternal and child health services, offering prenatal and postnatal care, including safe deliveries. To mitigate viral outbreaks, vaccination campaigns are executed through these Field Clinics covering a considerable segment of the affected population. When deployed in conflict zones, these clinics are key to effective emergency medical support as trained staff can provide emergency medical care, assist in trauma and surgical interventions, provide nutrition support, guide in water hygiene and educate affectees on health practices and disease prevention.

By establishing a foundation for ongoing health services, field clinics contribute to the long-term recovery and resilience of marginalised communities, laying the groundwork for accessible, high-quality healthcare. Join us in empowering communities through robust healthcare solutions, ensuring no one is left without the care they need during times of crisis.

Do you have any further questions or recommendations on our health programmes? We’d like to discuss how we can better serve these vulnerable communities. Send us an email so we can answer you in detail.

Field Clinics Baseline for Community Healthcare

Community Health Centres: Regularly service to the marginalised

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly collaborate to bolster healthcare in developing countries like Pakistan by constructing and manning Community Health Centres. These centres play an essential role in enhancing the well-being of underserved populations by providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare services. They operate on a sound theory of change of improving health outcomes through preventative care, early intervention, & continuous treatment.

To date, Alkhdimat Foundation Pakistan has set up 40+ hospitals, 40+ pharmacies, 130+ laboratories & collection centres and 6,390+ medical centres in Pakistan. These centres offer a range of medical services, including general health check-ups, specialist consultations, & diagnostic services, making healthcare accessible to all. These centres take a broad, systematic approach to tackle challenges in primary healthcare, and maternal & child health, nutritional support, emergency medical responses, health education, chronic disease management, water, sanitation & hygiene and psychosocial support. Located strategically, these centres allow the most remote and disadvantaged populations (from rural areas) to receive essential medical care in times of need.

They primarily function on a proven model of community involvement, with local health workers and volunteers playing a critical role in delivering services and educating the population about health practices. Your donation helps us build resilient health systems in developing countries that cater to the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

Emergency Medical Aid Delivery: Coordinating an international response

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are also at the forefront of Emergency Medical Aid Delivery, globally dispatching emergency medical kits to countries affected by disasters like floods or earthquakes and conflict zones like Gaza. Our international network of partners is adept at mobilising resources quickly to provide immediate relief to vulnerable groups like children, women and the elderly. Emergency medical aid can save lives, reduce suffering, and facilitate faster recovery.

Our emergency medical kits usually contain necessary supplies emergency medications, bandages & dressings, trauma kits, water purification tablets, winter clothing, temporary shelters, packaged food rations, and more. By shipping aid supplies in bulk and deploying rapid response teams, our local partners can focus on providing basic medical treatment such as wound care, administering emergency medications, and managing acute injuries immediately. If a vulnerable population like Gaza is facing malnutrition, our emergency food aid appeal can raise funds to purchase, store, transport & distribute food aid packs to affected families.

These emergency medical aid initiatives work in parallel with our other programmes, and Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan have successfully executed multiple emergency medical aid projects including Pakistan Flood Emergency Medical Aid, Turkiye Earthquake Emergency Medical Aid, Syria Earthquake Medical & Gaza Emergency Medical Aid.

How To Support Aghosh UK Health Programmes

Aghosh UK distinguishes itself with a focus on accessible healthcare for all, particularly in underserved areas. By supporting our primary health programmes you can help us ensure vulnerable communities have access to essential medical services.

Donation Opportunities: Contributing to Health Initiatives

Our esteemed donors can bolster our interventions and help us save lives, enhance health outcomes, and strengthen community resilience in the face of health crises. Your donations help fund medical supplies, procure Mobile Health Units, develop Community Health Centres, and ensure continuous service delivery for underserved populations in areas of Pakistan, Turkiye, Palestine, and more. With decades of experience in the healthcare centre, our team is renowned for its sound programme strategists, experienced medical professionals, and dedicated volunteers. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact.

Volunteering: Offering Your Time and Expertise

Whether it’s through medical services, health education, or community outreach, volunteers play a vital role in advancing Aghosh UK’s mission. By offering your time and expertise with medical volunteering, you can make a direct impact on the health and well-being of vulnerable communities. Take the first step today to join a volunteer health programme with Aghosh UK and be part of a movement dedicated to fostering healthier futures for all.


In conclusion, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are committed to improving the health and well-being of underserved communities worldwide. Through our comprehensive healthcare programmes, we offer accessible medical services, empower communities with health education, and provide emergency medical aid during times of crisis. By supporting our work, you can help us build resilient health systems, save lives, and ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need to thrive. Together, we can create a world where health is a right, not a privilege.


  • Aghosh UK is a registered charity with multiple health programmes focusing on primary health, maternal & child health and preventive health.

  • Our programme methodology hinges on a community health approach, involving local volunteers and medical workers to maximise community reach.

  • Mobile Health Units are hospitals on wheels providing a wide range of medical services to vulnerable communities in remote areas.

  • ICU Ambulances provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in their deployed zones through trained medical professionals and emergency responders.

  • Field Clinics are ideal for providing accessible healthcare in flood or earthquake-affected areas, by providing emergency care, maternal & child health services, disease management and vaccination campaigns.

  • Community Health Centres across Pakistan provide general health check-ups, specialist consultations, & diagnostic services, making healthcare accessible to all.

  • Aghosh UK executes Emergency Medical Aid Deliveries for emergency medications, bandages & dressings, trauma kits, water purification tablets, winter clothing, temporary shelters, and packaged food rations in global medical emergencies.

  • You can support Aghosh UK’s primary health efforts by donating project funds or through medical volunteering
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