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Aghosh UK Rebuild The Nation

Rebuild the Nation

Besides colossal human and livelihood losses, the devastating floods have also brought severe damages to critical infrastructure including houses, hospitals, schools, academies, Masjids, roads, bridges, and agricultural land.

Consequently, impacting 33 million people’s lives, and health in flooded areas substantially as well as causing the displacement of over 8 million people across Pakistan.

‘Step forward and generously support the flood affectees rehabilitation phase through donating to the Aghosh UK ‘Rebuild The Nation Program’.

After spending PKR10 billion on flood relief activities, Our volunteers are still on the ground carrying PKR 5 billion ‘Rebuild The Nation’ rehabilitation program for the reconstruction of partially or completely damaged houses, academies, Masjids as well as financial assistance to farmers, and orphans.

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Aghosh UK
Acc. No: 83360512
S/C: 20-08-64
IBAN: GB12BUKB20086483360512


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