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Child Protection Centre

Protecting the Vulnerable from the harsh Steets

These CPCs are working to improve the life standards of Street Children. CPCs are dedicated to fulfilling the basic needs of these neglected children by providing them with Education, Health Care, Love & Affection, Recreational Activities, Daily Refreshments etc.

Orphan Home

Let's give a helping hand to the Children living on the Streets!

Pakistan ranks as the world’s sixth most populated nation, boasting an approximate population of 227 million people. Around 22 million children, who are of school-going age (5-16 years), are not attending school. The country also has a growing issue with street children, whose numbers are estimated to be around 2.5 million and rising steadily. 

Street children are young individuals who live and fend for themselves on the streets, often taking refuge in places like public garbage dumps, railway stations, or under city bridges. Due to familial conflicts, many of these children either choose not to return home or are unable to, thus spending most of their time living outdoors.

A Crisis Situation for the Homeless

These children are at high risk for various physical and emotional issues due to a lack of supervision and protection. They often face challenges such as poor healthcare, limited education, societal disapproval, and encounters with law enforcement. Their vulnerabilities also make them easy targets for violence and theft.

Centres Throughout Pakistan

By keeping this serious situation in view, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan hasestablished Fifty-One (51) Child Protection Centres (CPCs) across Pakistan

Total Child Protection Centres Across Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has already established Fifty-One (51) Child Protection Centres (CPCs) in Seven regions of Pakistan

in Punjab
in KPK
in Bolochistan
in Sindh
in Gilgit Baltistan
in Azad Kashmir
Total Centres

We're Aiming for a Brighter Future

Orphan Support Programme

Childcare Case Studies

A total of 2,200 Street Children are coming to these Child Protection Centres of which 400 plus Street Children have been enrolled in different schools.
Further, 200 more children are ready to go to school.

Want to Donate?

By Donating funds for a Child living on the Streets through our program, you can help provide them with the support and resources they need to grow up happy, healthy, and successful.

Sponsor one Street Child

Sponsor an orphan by paying a fixed Monthly donation every month. This package helps us keep these kids in houses and provide for their essential needs for the whole year.


(Per Month)

Sponsor one Street Child

Sponsor 1 orphan by paying a fixed Annual donation every year. This donation helps us look after 1 childs expenses.


(Per Year)

Sponsor two Street Children

Sponsor 2 orphans by paying a fixed annual donation every year. This donation helps us look after 2 children’s expenses on monthly basis.


(Per Year)

Establish a child protection center (CPC)

Establish a child protection center one time donation. This donation helps us look after 2 children’s expenses on monthly basis.


(One time donation)


Your generous contribution today helps us create a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

Give the gift of love and support by Helping a Child off the lonely streets!

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