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Child Protection Centres

Providing a Safe Haven for Street Children

Our Child Protection Centres are dedicated to providing street children with life’s essentials including shelter, support, food, education and healthcare.

Street Children face Huge Challenges

Street Children are especially vulnerable. Their challenges include severe poverty, lack of access to education and healthcare, societal disapproval, and encounters with law enforcement. A lack of positive adult support and protection can also make them easy targets for violence, exploitation and abuse.

Let's Support Street Children Together

Pakistan ranks as the world’s sixth most populated nation, boasting an approximate population of 227 million people. Around 22 million children, who are of school-going age (5-16 years), are not attending school. The country also has a growing issue with street children, whose numbers are estimated to be around 2.5 million and rising steadily. 

Street children are young individuals who live and fend for themselves on the streets, often taking refuge in places like public garbage dumps, railway stations, or under city bridges. Sometimes, family circumstances and poverty mean that many street children cannot return home, or choose not to. They spend most of their time living on the streets, facing huge challenges.

Child Protection Centres throughout Pakistan

Every child deserves an opportunity irrespective of their circumstances. Street children are among the most vulnerable and need targeted interventions to secure their future. In the light of challenges faced by Street Children, we have established 64 Child Protection Centres across Pakistan to help and support them. Join us in increasing the network of support for street children.

Transforming the Lives of Street Children across Pakistan

Our Child Protection Centres provide street children with transformative educational opportunities, offering every child access to quality learning and a chance for a brighter future. Our centres provide holistic support to street children including meals, healthcare, rehabilitation and opportunities for vocational training.

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We're Aiming for a Brighter Future

Transforming the lives of Street Children

A total of 2,200 Street Children are coming to these Child Protection Centres of which 400 plus Street Children have been enrolled in different schools.
Further, 200 more children are ready to go to school.

Want to Donate?

By Donating funds for a Child living on the Streets through our program, you can help provide them with the support and resources they need to grow up happy, healthy, and successful.

Give the gift of love and support by Helping a Child off the lonely streets!

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