Empowering Communities: Aghosh UK Primary Health Initiatives

Empowering Communities Aghosh UK Primary Health Initiatives

Role of Mobile Health Units, ICU Ambulances, Field Clinics and more


Aghosh UK is dedicated to transforming the health landscape of underserved communities through its comprehensive health programmes. Collaborating with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, our health equity initiatives address critical healthcare needs, ensuring that even the most vulnerable populations receive quality medical care. Our organisation works closely with local healthcare providers, international partners, and community members to strengthen health systems and ensure sustainable impact. This article discusses our health programmes in great detail, read on to learn more.

Prioritising Healthcare in Underserved Communities

Aghosh UK Programmes are dedicated to bridging the healthcare gap in underserved communities. Defined by FEMA as “groups that have limited or no access to resources or that are otherwise disenfranchised”, these populations lack access to adequate healthcare which remains a critical challenge. This is due to such as geographic isolation, economic hardship, and limited health literacy. Many residents lack health insurance and face barriers due to cultural and language differences, hindering their ability to navigate healthcare systems effectively. Chronic diseases, environmental hazards, and high rates of infectious illnesses further strain community health. Educational disparities and social isolation compound these challenges, contributing to poorer health outcomes.

Pakistan’s healthcare system seems bleak with statistical estimates showing 0.64 hospital beds and 0.51 nurses per 1000 inhabitants. Addressing these issues requires targeted efforts to improve healthcare accessibility, enhance health education, and provide culturally sensitive medical services. By prioritising healthcare in underserved communities, Aghosh UK aims to embody its mission, vision and values.

Prioritising Healthcare in Underserved Communities

Overview of Aghosh UK Health Programmes

Mission & Vision: Ensuring Accessible Healthcare for All

As a UK health charity, Aghosh UK’s mission is rooted in the belief of healthcare for all. Our health mission statement envisions a world where healthcare services are not a privilege but a basic human right. By focusing on accessibility, affordability, and quality, Aghosh UK strives to create a healthcare system that serves all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Aghosh UK’s healthcare activities focus on improving the life expectancy and quality of underserved communities. From setting up diagnostic laboratories in AJK to Emergency Medical Aid in Gaza, all with the singular humanitarian goal of making healthcare a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.

Key Focus Areas: Primary Health, Maternal and Child Health, and Preventive Care

Aghosh UK’s health programmes encompass three key areas: primary health, maternal and child health, and preventive care. These areas are strategically chosen to address the most pressing health needs in marginalised communities. By focusing on these critical aspects, Aghosh UK ensures a holistic approach to healthcare that promotes long-term well-being.

  • By deploying mobile health clinics, the organisation brings essential medical services to remote areas, making healthcare accessible to those who would otherwise be deprived.
  • Community health centres establish localised health support, offering continuous care and fostering trust within the community.
  • In times of crisis, Aghosh UK provides emergency medical aid, delivering immediate relief and lifesaving interventions.
  • For maternal and child health, Aghosh UK’s programmes offer comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, immunisation drives, and nutritional support. These efforts ensure that mothers and their newborns receive the care they need for a healthy start, while children are protected from preventable diseases and malnutrition.
  • Preventive health measures, including health education, hygiene and sanitation initiatives, and vaccination campaigns, play a crucial role in building resilient communities. These measures not only prevent illnesses but also promote long-term health and well-being.

This article will discuss Aghosh UK’s Primary Health Initiatives in detail.

Aghosh UK’s Best Practices in Health Projects

At Aghosh UK, we follow international best practices to ensure that those most in need receive essential services. We conduct comprehensive community health needs assessments, using surveys and demographic data to identify pressing health issues. GIS mapping technology helps us pinpoint areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. Collaborating with local health authorities provides additional insights into regional health disparities, allowing us to target interventions effectively.

Our teams study socioeconomic indicators to identify low-income areas where healthcare services may be inadequate, ensuring our interventions address health inequities related to poverty. Our experts analyse data to identify communities with high incidences of preventable diseases, focusing on preventive measures and education. Partnering with local NGOs and community organisations leverages established trust and knowledge, enhancing our reach and impact. Through an effective allocation of limited resources, our health programmes bring healthcare to underserved communities across the world.

Primary Health Care Initiatives

Primary healthcare serves as the first point of contact for people seeking medical assistance, focusing on preventive care, health promotion, and treatment of common illnesses. It is characterised by its comprehensive nature, addressing a wide range of health issues from infancy to old age. The primary objective of primary healthcare is to provide essential health services that are universally accessible, affordable, and equitable. This approach emphasises community health services based on participation and empowerment, aiming to meet the specific health needs of diverse populations while promoting health literacy and self-care practices. Here are details of Aghosh UK’s primary care initiatives.

Mobile Health Units: Bringing Medical Services to Remote Areas

One of the standout initiatives of Aghosh UK is its Mobile Health Units (MHUs). With proven success in academia, These vehicle-mounted clinics travel to remote and hard-to-reach areas for our disaster management programmes, bringing essential medical services directly to flood affectees in Pakistan, earthquake victims in Turkiye or displaced families in Gaza.

Each Mobile Health Unit (MHU) typically includes 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 driver, 1 ambulance, medical equipment and medicine supplies. The flexible interior design of these hospitals-on-wheels allows for modular setups, enabling various medical services from triage to minor surgeries. Equipped with modern medical equipment and staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, our Mobile Health Units (MHUs) offer consultations, diagnostics, treatments, and follow-ups with their additional telemedicine capabilities. They are also equipped with diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound machines, X-rays, and blood testing devices to provide on-site diagnostics without unnecessary delays. These MHUs can also provide Emergency Medical Kits stocked with essential medications, first aid supplies, and emergency response equipment (depending upon the situation).

MHUs can also feature water purification units, supplying safe drinking water to underserved populations. Our MHUs also have the necessary communications to coordinate relief efforts with local and international partners. These hospitals-on-wheels maintain Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems securely and efficiently record and track patient data. In the post-disaster phase, these MHUs function as Mobile Pharmacies to dispense essential medicines and supplies, educate beneficiaries on preventive care practices and provide further consultations.

Mobile Health Units Bringing Medical Services to Remote Areas

ICU Ambulances: Saving Lives in the Field

Aghosh UK’s ICU Ambulances are saving lives across the globe by delivering advanced medical care directly to marginalised populations. In collaboration with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, we have delivered more than 280+ ICU Ambulances to flooded areas of Pakistan, earthquake-affected cities of Turkiye, conflict zones in Gaza, and more. Over the years, we have partnered with local partners like PIMA Palestine and Hayrat Yardim Turkiye to deliver modern medical equipment to provide healthcare services to vulnerable populations.

ICU Ambulances are key assets in delivering Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in developing countries. We deploy ambulances equipped with state-of-the-art life support systems, including ventilators, defibrillators, and cardiac monitors, ensuring patients receive critical care en route to hospitals. Portable imaging equipment, such as mobile X-ray and ultrasound machines, allow for immediate diagnostic assessments, while telemetry and telemedicine capabilities facilitate real-time monitoring and remote consultations with specialists. Additional patient monitoring systems track vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, enabling paramedics to make informed decisions swiftly. These technical features make ICU ambulances indispensable in delivering immediate, high-quality care to underserved communities during disasters.

Staffed with highly trained emergency medical technicians and paramedics, Aghosh UK’s ICU Ambulances deliver immediate care and life support during transport. Onboard critical care nurses can monitor and treat critically ill patients, while medical doctors can offer advanced medical decision-making and perform necessary procedures en route. A capable fleet of ICU Ambulances requires extensive logistics management via effective dispatches, routes, & patient transfers, ensuring smooth operations. These highly specialised roles significantly improve survival rates and outcomes for patients in vulnerable communities during disasters and conflicts.

Your support in equipping and maintaining these life-saving vehicles can make a significant difference in emergency medical responses, ensuring timely and effective care for those who need it most.

ICU Ambulances Saving Lives in the Field

Field Clinics: Baseline for Community Healthcare

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan have a history of coordinating international emergency responses across the globe, especially in countries like Pakistan, Turkiye, Syria, Egypt & Palestine by deploying accessible, low-cost Field Clinics to initiate delivery of medical services in affected areas. They are intended to provide accessible healthcare by bringing services directly to affected areas, ensuring underserved populations receive the necessary treatments. As of today, Alkhidmat Foundation has deployed more than 420+ medical camps in affected areas across the world.

Usually staffed by 2 Doctors, 2 Nurses & 1 Pharmacist, these Field Clinics form the baseline for community healthcare, offering critical services, beginning with medical assessment and triage to prioritise patients based on the severity of their conditions. Emergency care provides immediate attention to injuries and acute health issues. Chronic disease management ensures that individuals with conditions like diabetes and hypertension receive ongoing care. They also provide maternal and child health services, offering prenatal and postnatal care, including safe deliveries. To mitigate viral outbreaks, vaccination campaigns are executed through these Field Clinics covering a considerable segment of the affected population. When deployed in conflict zones, these clinics are key to effective emergency medical support as trained staff can provide emergency medical care, assist in trauma and surgical interventions, provide nutrition support, guide in water hygiene and educate affectees on health practices and disease prevention.

By establishing a foundation for ongoing health services, field clinics contribute to the long-term recovery and resilience of marginalised communities, laying the groundwork for accessible, high-quality healthcare. Join us in empowering communities through robust healthcare solutions, ensuring no one is left without the care they need during times of crisis.

Do you have any further questions or recommendations on our health programmes? We’d like to discuss how we can better serve these vulnerable communities. Send us an email so we can answer you in detail.

Field Clinics Baseline for Community Healthcare

Community Health Centres: Regularly service to the marginalised

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan regularly collaborate to bolster healthcare in developing countries like Pakistan by constructing and manning Community Health Centres. These centres play an essential role in enhancing the well-being of underserved populations by providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare services. They operate on a sound theory of change of improving health outcomes through preventative care, early intervention, & continuous treatment.

To date, Alkhdimat Foundation Pakistan has set up 40+ hospitals, 40+ pharmacies, 130+ laboratories & collection centres and 6,390+ medical centres in Pakistan. These centres offer a range of medical services, including general health check-ups, specialist consultations, & diagnostic services, making healthcare accessible to all. These centres take a broad, systematic approach to tackle challenges in primary healthcare, and maternal & child health, nutritional support, emergency medical responses, health education, chronic disease management, water, sanitation & hygiene and psychosocial support. Located strategically, these centres allow the most remote and disadvantaged populations (from rural areas) to receive essential medical care in times of need.

They primarily function on a proven model of community involvement, with local health workers and volunteers playing a critical role in delivering services and educating the population about health practices. Your donation helps us build resilient health systems in developing countries that cater to the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

Emergency Medical Aid Delivery: Coordinating an international response

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are also at the forefront of Emergency Medical Aid Delivery, globally dispatching emergency medical kits to countries affected by disasters like floods or earthquakes and conflict zones like Gaza. Our international network of partners is adept at mobilising resources quickly to provide immediate relief to vulnerable groups like children, women and the elderly. Emergency medical aid can save lives, reduce suffering, and facilitate faster recovery.

Our emergency medical kits usually contain necessary supplies emergency medications, bandages & dressings, trauma kits, water purification tablets, winter clothing, temporary shelters, packaged food rations, and more. By shipping aid supplies in bulk and deploying rapid response teams, our local partners can focus on providing basic medical treatment such as wound care, administering emergency medications, and managing acute injuries immediately. If a vulnerable population like Gaza is facing malnutrition, our emergency food aid appeal can raise funds to purchase, store, transport & distribute food aid packs to affected families.

These emergency medical aid initiatives work in parallel with our other programmes, and Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan have successfully executed multiple emergency medical aid projects including Pakistan Flood Emergency Medical Aid, Turkiye Earthquake Emergency Medical Aid, Syria Earthquake Medical & Gaza Emergency Medical Aid.

How To Support Aghosh UK Health Programmes

Aghosh UK distinguishes itself with a focus on accessible healthcare for all, particularly in underserved areas. By supporting our primary health programmes you can help us ensure vulnerable communities have access to essential medical services.

Donation Opportunities: Contributing to Health Initiatives

Our esteemed donors can bolster our interventions and help us save lives, enhance health outcomes, and strengthen community resilience in the face of health crises. Your donations help fund medical supplies, procure Mobile Health Units, develop Community Health Centres, and ensure continuous service delivery for underserved populations in areas of Pakistan, Turkiye, Palestine, and more. With decades of experience in the healthcare centre, our team is renowned for its sound programme strategists, experienced medical professionals, and dedicated volunteers. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact.

Volunteering: Offering Your Time and Expertise

Whether it’s through medical services, health education, or community outreach, volunteers play a vital role in advancing Aghosh UK’s mission. By offering your time and expertise with medical volunteering, you can make a direct impact on the health and well-being of vulnerable communities. Take the first step today to join a volunteer health programme with Aghosh UK and be part of a movement dedicated to fostering healthier futures for all.


In conclusion, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are committed to improving the health and well-being of underserved communities worldwide. Through our comprehensive healthcare programmes, we offer accessible medical services, empower communities with health education, and provide emergency medical aid during times of crisis. By supporting our work, you can help us build resilient health systems, save lives, and ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need to thrive. Together, we can create a world where health is a right, not a privilege.


  • Aghosh UK is a registered charity with multiple health programmes focusing on primary health, maternal & child health and preventive health.

  • Our programme methodology hinges on a community health approach, involving local volunteers and medical workers to maximise community reach.

  • Mobile Health Units are hospitals on wheels providing a wide range of medical services to vulnerable communities in remote areas.

  • ICU Ambulances provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in their deployed zones through trained medical professionals and emergency responders.

  • Field Clinics are ideal for providing accessible healthcare in flood or earthquake-affected areas, by providing emergency care, maternal & child health services, disease management and vaccination campaigns.

  • Community Health Centres across Pakistan provide general health check-ups, specialist consultations, & diagnostic services, making healthcare accessible to all.

  • Aghosh UK executes Emergency Medical Aid Deliveries for emergency medications, bandages & dressings, trauma kits, water purification tablets, winter clothing, temporary shelters, and packaged food rations in global medical emergencies.

  • You can support Aghosh UK’s primary health efforts by donating project funds or through medical volunteering

Join The Movement: How You Can Support Aghosh UK’s Mission

Join The Movement How You Can Support Aghosh UKs Mission

Empower Positive Change in the World through Donations, Volunteering & Partnerships


Aghosh UK is a registered UK charity, and the UK chapter of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, is an internationally-recognised humanitarian charity and a household name in Pakistan. One of our key objectives is that everyone should have access to the essentials of life, including food, water, education and healthcare. With this in mind, we work to support the most vulnerable in society, including orphans, victims of disasters, as well as the poor, sick and needy. Working across multiple sectors, we provide food, shelter, education, healthcare, relief and rehabilitation where assistance is urgently needed.

This article explains how enthusiastic humanitarians like you can become a part of Aghosh UK’s community and support Aghosh UK’s mission “of serving humanity irrespective of religion, colour, caste, or race.” To learn more about Aghosh UK, click here.

We welcome volunteers and partnerships to expand our work and improve lives.  Read on to find out more about our work, and how your charity volunteering can make an impact.

Importance of Supporting Aghosh UK

In times of need, extending support to charitable organisations like Aghosh UK is more than just a gesture—it’s a tangible step towards positive change. Your donations to Aghosh UK directly impact lives, from providing essential resources to vulnerable communities to empowering individuals through education and healthcare initiatives.

Aghosh UK projects offer volunteers ample opportunities to apply their skills for the betterment of society. By donating or volunteering, you become a vital part of Aghosh UK’s mission, amplifying its impact and creating lasting change in communities. Your involvement not only benefits those in need but also fosters a sense of fulfilment and purpose in your own life. Together, through our collective support and commitment, we can continue to strengthen communities, uplift lives, and build a brighter future for all. Join the movement, and together, let’s make a meaningful difference with Aghosh UK.

Aghosh UK’s Charitable Work

Aghosh UK is a UK-registered charity based in Whitefield, Manchester. We are committed to improving lives and life chances for the most vulnerable in society through long-term initiatives as well as emergency disaster relief responses. We are well know for being a community service charity in the UK with philanthropic work in a wide range of sectors. Our flagship projects are mentioned below.

Aghosh UKs Charitable Work

Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal

Attacks on Gaza for over 230 days have destroyed most of the medical infrastructure, resulting in more than half of the facilities being declared out of service. This has left the population of over 2 million displaced people with extremely limited access to medical services. The Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal aims to improve the health and living conditions of refugees by providing ICU ambulances, mobile health units, medicine and trauma kits, and food and water supplies. Since October 2023, the project has been raising funds to provide urgent and essential healthcare to the population of Gaza.

Aghosh Homes

Our flagship programme Aghosh Homes provides safety, solace and nurturing to orphans who do not have any parents or guardians.  We enrol orphans in state-of-the-art boarding facilities providing accommodation, meals, education, health screenings, personal mentoring and social and psychological support. Currently, over 1600 orphans are enrolled through Aghosh Homes.

Orphan Care Programme

Our Orphan Care Programme (OCP) provides essential support for education and everyday finances for orphan children aged 16 and under, offering extensive mental, social, and moral assistance to nurture and support sponsored children through a comprehensive multi-module framework. Orphans within the OCP stay at home with their mother or other guardian. We’ve run this programme for decades with great success, and today, over 21,000 children have benefited from OCP (formerly known as the Orphan Family Support Programme OFSP).

Disaster Management

Aghosh UK also works with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan to deliver swift and effective responses in the wake of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods through our Disaster Management Programme.

During the Pakistan Monsoon Floods of 2022, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan coordinated our disaster relief efforts to help Pakistan & AJK flood victims. We built temporary shelters, provided emergency relief aid, and deployed over 1850 medical camps, treating 700,000+ patients.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan were also swift to respond to the sudden devastating earthquakes in Türkiye in early 2023. Our professional search and rescue teams were deployed in affected areas, providing crucial assistance to earthquake victims. Aghosh UK provided emergency relief items, shelter, medical aid, food packs and hot meals from mobile kitchens. We also established an Aghosh Home in Gaziantep to support orphans who lost their parents in the earthquake. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan acknowledged Alkhidmat’s relief efforts by bestowing a State Award for their service in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Aghosh UK’s work provides support and assistance in a range of areas, from orphan care to disaster management, healthcare, education, clean water, and more. Aghosh UK creates effective and sustainable programs by engaging and empowering community members and local partners.

Supporting Aghosh UK’s Mission

Donate to Aghosh UK

By donating to Aghosh UK, you’re investing in impactful programmes that address critical issues like orphan care, disaster management, and healthcare. Our registered charity ensures that your contribution is utilised effectively, supporting sustainable solutions and empowering communities for long-term resilience. With our expertise and innovative approaches, we maximise the impact of your donation, collaborating with partners to reach more beneficiaries and prioritise the needs of vulnerable groups.

Your support on our fundraising platforms enables us to provide holistic assistance, from immediate relief to long-term solutions, fostering positive social impact and promoting equality. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift those in need, and together, we can create a brighter future for all.

Supporting Aghosh UKs Mission

Volunteering Opportunities with Aghosh UK

To witness the Aghosh UK impact firsthand, we strongly encourage you to pursue the volunteering opportunities we offer.

Take the first step towards meaningful action by joining Aghosh UK’s volunteer network today. Together, we can make a difference and empower those facing adversity to thrive and succeed.

Find fulfilment in making a tangible difference, supported by flexible roles, recognition, and a sense of purpose in empowering vulnerable communities.

Volunteering Opportunities with Aghosh UK

 Aghosh UK Campaigning

In Pakistan, approximately one-quarter of the population still lives below the poverty line, with 22.8 million children out of school. These statistics highlight the urgent need for sustained support and intervention through systematic philanthropic campaigning. At Aghosh UK, our campaigns are meticulously organised to address the urgent needs of vulnerable communities.

Our campaigns are defined by clear, measurable objectives aligned with our mission. Engaging stakeholders, we collaborate with local communities, government bodies, and partner organisations to ensure our efforts are well-coordinated and impactful. We allocate necessary resources, developing a detailed budget to secure financial support. A dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and partners is assembled, each with specific roles and responsibilities. We create educational and promotional materials that align with our campaign’s objectives and messaging. The campaign is launched with an event that engages stakeholders, media, and community members.

You can also contribute your skills and passion to support vulnerable communities around the world.

Aghosh UK Community Events

Engaging in community events offers myriad opportunities to champion Aghosh UK’s mission and causes. Volunteers and partners can support our fundraising events in many ways, including by promoting them in their local communities. Aghosh UK works extensively with local partners in this regard. By working together, we have made an important positive difference in the lives of vulnerable communities; examples include delivering aid convoys to Gaza, building new homes for flood victims, and extending our support for orphans and street children through new Aghosh Homes, new Child Protection Centres, and increased orphan sponsorships.

Aghosh UK looks forward to continuing to build positive relationships with partners in local communities and other sectors so that we can extend the reach of our work together for lasting positive change.

Aghosh UK Community Events

Fundraising for Aghosh UK

Programme fundraising for Aghosh UK is a profound opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need. By fundraising for charities, you can drive sustainable development, strengthen community resilience, and advocate for social change, and help foster a brighter future for vulnerable people facing adversity.

Aghosh UK Fundraising Goals

Aghosh UK’s fundraising goals address the critical needs of vulnerable communities with a systematic approach. We conduct thorough assessments to identify needs and consult stakeholders to validate our findings. To mitigate identified challenges, Aghosh UK sets realistic and competitive fundraising targets, ensuring all areas receive attention by estimating costs and benchmarking against similar initiatives. For example, since socioeconomic statistics tell that 79% of Gaza’s labour force is unemployed and 80% of the population relies on humanitarian aid, there is a clear, urgent need to raise funds for our Palestine Food Aid Appeal.

Our strategy revolves around communicating our goals clearly, highlighting the tangible impact of contributions. Through this approach, we inspire donors to join our mission, knowing their support directly influences positive change. Regular reviews and adjustments keep our goals aligned with evolving community needs.

Partnership Programmes with Aghosh UK

Embarking on a partnership journey with Aghosh UK offers a multitude of compelling reasons to commit to our shared mission of making a positive impact on communities in need. By joining forces with us, you’re not just multiplying your efforts; you’re amplifying the potential for transformative change.

Our collaborative approach ensures that together, we can leverage diverse resources, expertise, and networks to address complex challenges effectively. Through strategic alliance and shared goals, we can extend our reach, engage communities, and drive sustainable development. With Aghosh UK as your partner, you gain access to innovative solutions, continuous support, and opportunities for reputation building.

Join us in our commitment to creating meaningful change and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

Aghosh UK’s Local Partners

Collaborating with local partner charities amplifies Aghosh UK’s impact in crucial areas of our portfolio. These include but are not limited to orphanages, shelters, educational institutions, disaster relief organisations, food banks, distribution centres, support groups, community centres, etc. These local partners enable us to leverage local expertise, resources, and networks to reach more vulnerable communities effectively.

By joining forces with trusted organisations on the ground, we can deliver targeted assistance, support sustainable development, and foster community resilience. In collaboration, we can address complex challenges and create a meaningful impact.

Aghosh UK’s Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with businesses and corporations presents valuable opportunities for Aghosh UK to expand its impact across its wide range of initiatives. These include but are not limited to corporate sponsorships, employee fundraisers, in-kind donations, skill-based volunteering, cause-related event management, technology partnerships, etc. These collaborations enable us to access additional resources, expertise, and networks, strengthening our ability to serve vulnerable communities effectively. By forming strategic alliances with businesses committed to social responsibility, we can implement innovative solutions, support sustainable initiatives, and empower individuals and families in need.

Join us in forging meaningful charity collaborations and corporate partnerships that drive positive change and create lasting impact in communities worldwide.


By supporting Aghosh UK’s mission you can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer or collaborate, your involvement can amplify the impact of Aghosh UK’s initiatives and create lasting change. By supporting Aghosh UK, you are investing in impactful programmes that address critical issues and empower communities for long-term resilience. Please support the work of Aghosh UK with your time, skills and experience, and together, let’s make a meaningful positive difference.


  • Aghosh UK is a UK-registered charity with the mission of serving humanity through disaster relief, healthcare, education, and orphan support.

  • The organisation offers various ways for individuals to support its mission, including donating, volunteering, fundraising, and partnering.

  • Donations to Aghosh UK directly fund programs like the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal, Aghosh Homes, and the Orphan Care Programme.

  • Volunteering opportunities are available in areas such as orphan care, disaster management, education, health, and WASH programs.

  • Fundraising for Aghosh UK helps drive sustainable development and community resilience.

  • Partnership programs with local charities and corporations allow Aghosh UK to expand its reach and impact.

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response: A Lifeline to Gaza

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response A Lifeline to Gaza

Donate generously to the Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal


Since the most brutal attacks on Gaza in decades, a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions is unfolding before our very eyes. The international humanitarian community has recognised the collective punishment of Gaza’s civilians since October 7th. For many months now, the international media has extensively covered the devastating impact of indiscriminate bombings and ground invasions, as well as ongoing blockades of urgently needed humanitarian aid including water, food and fuel. As we delve into the complexities of Palestine’s plight, understanding the urgent need for humanitarian intervention becomes paramount. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are assisting our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza by providing emergency relief and support. This article discusses Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response and how it serves as a lifeline to innocent civilians hoping to survive this unprecedented manmade humanitarian disaster.

The Crisis in Gaza: Urgent Call for Emergency Fundraising

In the wake of the devastating attacks on Gaza since October 2023, the situation remains dire for its residents, who are trapped there and have no way out. In response to the unfolding crisis in Palestine, Aghosh UK, in unison with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA), has embarked on a crucial mission to support those affected in Gaza and the West Bank. We urge our UK donor base to continue their support for the people of Gaza during this crisis.. By donating £50, you can provide vital nurse care daily. By donating £100, you can support an ambulance service for a day. By donating £250, you can supply life-saving medication for 20 patients.

The Crisis in Gaza Urgent Call for Emergency Fundraising

Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Delivering Aid in Palestine

Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Delivering Aid in Palestine

As of February 2024, we have already delivered $1.4 Million in aid for Palestine relief. Our partner Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is coordinating relief efforts from warehouses in Cairo, Egypt, delivering humanitarian supplies to Gaza. In January 2024 alone, we delivered 150 tonnes of relief aid in 10 trucks over the Rafa Border, bringing essential supplies to Gaza. Supporting 6,000 Families for one month, we provided food items, rice, blankets, mattresses, and tents.

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine, donating to the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal can provide critical support to vulnerable Palestinian families. Your contribution helps deliver urgent healthcare assistance, addressing pressing medical needs and promoting healing for those affected by conflict-related injuries and trauma. Join us in making a difference and standing in solidarity with Palestine’s population.

Palestine’s Complex Geopolitical Challenges

The geopolitical landscape of Palestine is fraught with complexity, shaped by decades of occupation, territorial disputes, and regional tensions. Since the Nakba in 1948, the Palestinian people have faced mass forced displacement and dispossession of their homes,  lands, and civil rights. Internationally acclaimed authors like Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Quigley, Khalidi, Said and Shlaim have made significant academic contributions to map the complex geopolitical problems faced by the Palestinian people. In their writings, several persistent challenges have emerged. These include the ongoing military occupation and the expansion of illegal settlements, border control and blockades, proposed annexation plans, the contested status of Jerusalem, the refugee crisis, and isolation from international relations. Since the late 1990s, Gaza has been described as a huge open-air prison by humanitarian charities and even politicians; there are huge restrictions on any movement of people or goods into or out of the territory. The airspace and territorial water that borders Gaza are also controlled by occupying forces.

The ongoing blockade in Gaza (before the recent conflict) has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, restricting access to essential services and resources. OCHA reported a steep decline in relief missions carrying international aid entering Gaza, with 51% (39 of 77) denied by occupying authorities. The Gaza blockade has precipitated a multifaceted humanitarian crisis, characterised by acute poverty, inadequate healthcare, and food insecurity. Moreover, the blockade’s psychological toll on residents necessitates humanitarian intervention and sustained international efforts to alleviate the suffering of Gaza’s beleaguered and besieged population.

Palestine’s Complex Geopolitical Problem

The Human Toll of the Attacks on Gaza since October 2023

Attacks on Gaza have spanned more than 200 days, killing more than 36,600 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and wounding more than 81,000 people. Over 1.8 million people have been repeatedly displaced, and as of May 2024, there is no safe place in Gaza with repeated attacks on previously designated safe areas. People remain trapped with very little access to emergency humanitarian aid. Medical infrastructure has been destroyed due to bombings, ground incursions, and disorganised military engagements, in contravention of IHL (International Humanitarian Law). Since October 2023, the people of Gaza including children, women and the elderly have been given evacuation orders, forcing them to flee from northern Gaza first to Khan Yunis, and now to the Rafah border. Rafah was previously a designated zone for about 1.5m civilians taking shelter. However, in late May 2024 Gazans were ordered to evacuate Rafah. Rafah has become the latest target of attacks and ground invasions despite international condemnation and outrage. The Rafah/Egypt border crossing has also been closed, blocking any aid supplies.

The loss of life in this conflict is overwhelming. The Gaza government media office reports that residents of northern Gaza have depleted food rations and have been forced to consume animal feed for weeks now. No one is safe from the violence as the UN has reported at least 300 health workers have been killed in the line of service. Additionally, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CJP) reported that more than 75% of the 99 journalists and media workers killed worldwide in 2023 died in the attacks on Gaza.

Complications of Medical Aid in Conflict Zones

Injuries, whether severe or minor, require prompt medical attention to prevent long-term disability and fatal consequences. Civilians in war zones are at high risk of injuries and need medical care to mitigate the risk of death and disability. Prompt medical attention is necessary for injuries that involve severe trauma, such as broken bones, head injuries, and lacerations. Delaying treatment for such injuries can lead to infections, permanent damage, and even fatalities. Even minor injuries require timely attention to prevent long-term disability.

Poor Health Conditions of Palestinian Refugees

Refugee Palestinian families fleeing attacks face poor living conditions worsened by heavy rains that have caused a sharp rise in diseases, particularly affecting children. Epidemics are looming due to overcrowded shelters lacking necessities including sanitation. Diarrhoea cases among children under five have surged by 66%. Hospitals have been nearly completely decimated and currently, only volunteer healthcare workers are writing prescriptions. UNICEF notes that children’s lives are threatened by the rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip. Gaza’s food insecurity is due to an alarming shortage of food, water, and health and nutrition facilities; this is all largely preventable as convoys of aid trucks are ready at the borders, however, access is repeatedly denied in contravention of international humanitarian law and the orders of the ICJ (International Court of Justice). Shockingly, 90% of children below the age of two and 95% of pregnant and breastfeeding women are facing severe food scarcity. Moreover, over 95% of households are limiting meals and portion sizes, and 64% of households are surviving on just one meal per day. To ensure small children have food to eat, over 95% of households have restricted the quantity of food adults receive.

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response

Aghosh UK’s Mission in Palestine

Despite the huge challenges of this ongoing humanitarian disaster, Aghosh UK remains steadfast in its mission to restore hope and dignity to the Palestinian people. Through its Palestine Emergency Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal, Aghosh UK and AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan have partnered with Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA) to embark on this critical humanitarian mission. We are deploying medical personnel, equipment and resources to areas in Gaza & West Bank where medical infrastructure has been destroyed.

Aghosh UK’s Mission in Palestine

Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal

Showing solidarity with Palestinian citizens, Aghosh UK immediately launched its Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal in October 2023 in response to the escalation of hostilities and attacks on people trapped in the Gaza Strip. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat coordinated their teams, resources and expertise to launch an immediate emergency response. The appeal would provide emergency relief to the people of Palestine, including hot meals, food packs, shelter homes, and medical aid. Our charities quickly collected over $3.62 million to dispatch aid to Gaza through international agencies. Generous donations have continued since then as the crisis continues.

The response was overwhelming, with people from all over the world coming forward to support the cause. Aghosh UK’s social media campaigns, email newsletters, and website updates helped spread the word and raise awareness about the urgent need for support.

Our Palestine Response was a multi-episode initiative spread over multiple months. Once the humanitarian corridor was established, our trained Disaster Management Teams, alongside doctors with relief assistants were dispatched to Gaza from the Rafah Border. On November 04, 2023, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan dispatched its first consignment of relief aid from Pakistan to Gaza, including foodgrains, medicines, delivery kits, baby kits, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, and more. On December 26 2023, Alkhidmat shipped 20 ambulances to Gaza to deliver critical aid to displaced and affected families, as well as to children and pregnant women.

After the initial coordinated response, we stepped up our conflict relief efforts by launching the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal in support of Gaza’s refugees.

Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal​

Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal

As a result of the recent aggression in the Gaza Strip, over half of the 34 hospitals and medical centres in the region were destroyed or severely damaged such that they were declared out of service. This resulted in the displacement of over 1.1 million citizens to the southern governorates, which had limited medical services. The situation was compounded by the difficult living conditions in the shelter centres, poor sanitation and no clean water which has meant surges in disease, especially among children. This situation in the Gaza Strip requires an urgent need for external support to equip at least 18 medical points across the three governorates, providing urgent and essential health care to the population.

The Gaza Medical Emergency Aid Appeal aims to improve the health and living conditions of refugees in the southern Gaza Strip by providing appropriate living services, preventing the spread of diseases, ensuring safety, and reducing the burden on government hospitals due to the high number of citizens and refugees. This strategy was in operation until the most recent attacks on Rafah in May 2024. We will continue to assess and adapt our work to provide essential care and relief to the people of Gaza.

Our Gaza Medical Emergency Aid Appeal continues to raise funds to provide:

  • ICU Ambulances: Equipped with advanced medical equipment to provide critical care and transport critically ill patients to hospitals or field hospitals.
  • Mobile Health Units: Equipped with medical staff, equipment, and supplies to provide basic healthcare services in remote or crisis-affected areas.
  • Medicine & Trauma Kits: Containing essential medical supplies and equipment to provide emergency care and treat injuries and illnesses in crises.
  • Food & Water Supplies: Critical necessities for survival and provide sustenance and hydration to displaced refugees.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan teamed with local partners including PIMA Palestine to launch mobile health units and clinics across new refugee camps in Gaza. These MHUs provide primary medical care to vulnerable patients, especially during times of restricted movement due to conflict, and can help control epidemics.

Mobile health units are self-sustaining medical facilities that can be deployed to remote or crisis-affected areas. They are equipped with medical staff, equipment, and supplies to provide basic healthcare services, such as first aid, maternal care, and disease prevention. Each unit typically includes 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 driver, 1 ambulance, medical equipment and medicine supplies.

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities

Here is a list of Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities from October 2023 to February 2024:

  • Aghosh UK Distributed Cooked Food to Gaza’s Refugee Families
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Organised Emergency Medical Relief Camps
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Organised Mobile Field Clinics
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Despatched ICU Ambulances for the Wounded & Injured 
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Dispatched 150 Tonnes of Relief Aid
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered 3rd Consignment of Gaza Relief
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered 20 Ambulances for Gaza
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Visits Camp Office in Cairo, Egypt
  • Alkhidmat Foundation President Visits Egypt
  • Alkhidmat Foundation President Visits Turkiye
  • Alkhidmat Distributed Food Packs in Hospitals
  • Alkhidmat Distributed Cooked Meals to Displaced Families
  • Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered Relief Supplies
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Distributed Medical Equipment at Avrupa Hospital
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Distributed Blankets to Displaced Families

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities

Call To Action: How You Can Support Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response

In solidarity with the people of Palestine, Aghosh UK invites individuals and organisations to join its mission of hope and compassion. There are several ways to support Aghosh UK’s Palestine response:

Donate Now:

Your generous donations enable Aghosh UK to continue its life-saving work and provide essential aid to Palestinian families in crisis. Every contribution makes a difference and helps restore hope and dignity to those in need.

Volunteer Now:

Volunteer with Aghosh UK and make a tangible difference in the lives of Palestinian communities affected by conflict and humanitarian crises. Whether you have medical expertise, logistical skills, or a passion for humanitarian work, there are opportunities to get involved and support Aghosh UK’s emergency relief efforts on the ground.

Spreading Awareness:

Raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Palestine and Aghosh UK’s response by sharing information and updates with your network. By amplifying the voices of Palestinian communities and highlighting the work of Aghosh UK, you can help mobilise support and solidarity for those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to emergency fundraising efforts for Gaza?

Willing donors can donate through the Aghosh UK website by selecting your donation amount and following the instructions to complete the payment. You can also donate to the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal through the link below:

What impact do international partnerships have on relief efforts in Palestine?

International partnerships play a vital role in relief efforts in Palestine. In the case of Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response, international partnerships with the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA) have allowed for a coordinated and effective response to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. These partnerships have enabled the delivery of essential aid and medical supplies to Gaza, providing relief to those affected by the conflict. Additionally, these partnerships have helped to raise awareness about the crisis and the urgent need for humanitarian intervention.

How does funding a Mobile Health Unit make a difference in Palestine?

The attacks on Gaza have resulted in widespread destruction and damage to medical infrastructure, making it difficult for people to access basic healthcare services. A mobile health unit can address this issue by delivering medical care to areas where healthcare services are limited or non-existent. The unit can provide a range of services, including primary care, emergency care, and mental health support, to those in need. With the support of donors, Aghosh UK and its partners can deploy mobile health units to reach communities in Gaza, providing them with the care they need to survive the crisis.

How are my donations used?

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are transparent about how donations are used and provide regular updates on the impact of their relief efforts. Your donations can go towards providing hot meals, water, and medical assistance to those in need. With your support, Aghosh UK and its partners can also deploy mobile health units to reach displaced communities in Gaza, providing them with the care they need to survive the crisis. Additionally, your donations can go towards providing life-saving medication, supporting an ambulance service, or supplying nurse care to those in need.

Is Aghosh UK a registered charity?

Aghosh UK is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number 1188151). The charity provides annual reports to the Charity Commission, and it adheres to standards and practises of UK charities. Aghosh UK has an established track record of relief and development work in various parts of the world, including Pakistan, Palestine, and Turkiye. 

How are Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collaborating for Palestine Relief?

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation are collaborating for Palestine relief by combining their resources, expertise, and networks to provide essential aid and support to the people of Gaza. Alkhidmat Foundation, a well-established and respected organisation in Pakistan, has been instrumental in coordinating and delivering relief efforts from warehouses in Cairo, Egypt. Aghosh UK has been providing financial and material support to Alkhidmat Foundation for the procurement and distribution of essential supplies to Gaza.


  • Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are providing emergency relief to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • The crisis in Gaza has escalated since October 2023, with attacks killing over 36,600 Palestinians and wounding more than 81,000.
  • The blockade in Gaza has restricted access to essential services, leading to a humanitarian crisis.
  • Aghosh UK’s Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal aim to provide medical aid, food, water, and shelter to those affected.
  • Donations to these appeals can provide critical support, including care from health professionals, ambulance services, and life-saving medication.
  • Aghosh UK and its partners have delivered aid, set up medical camps, and dispatched ambulances to provide relief.
  • The ongoing attacks have caused significant damage to medical infrastructure, necessitating the deployment of mobile health units.
  • Individuals can support Aghosh UK’s efforts by donating, volunteering, and spreading awareness.

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Support Programmes: Sheltering Vulnerable Youth

Aghosh UK's Orphan Support Programmes Sheltering Vulnerable Youth
Learn how our charity shelters orphans with comprehensive orphan support initiatives in Pakistan and Turkiye


As the global population reached 8 billion in mid-November 2022, UNICEF noted that an estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans. These orphaned children face a wide range of problems relating to child mortality, child labour, education access, healthcare disparities, psychological trauma, child poverty, natural disasters and militarised conflicts. These hurdles hinder their growth and development, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive orphan support solutions. Charities can provide a wide range of orphan support services that can shelter orphans from the harsh realities of the world we live in. Aghosh UK is one such charity based in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, England.

Working in collaboration with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Aghosh UK has a track record of successfully implementing orphan support initiatives in Pakistan and Turkiye. This blog explores Aghosh UK’s orphan support programmes in detail, it explains how our programmes work and most importantly the huge impact they have in improving the lives and outcomes of orphans, thanks to donors like you. We hope you will join us on this journey.

About Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Under a strategic partnership spanning decades, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan have executed initiatives with the help of in-house staff, specialised consultants, think tanks, fundraising partners, implementation partners, volunteers, media and activists in sectors of community development, disaster management, education, health, and more. Chaired by Dr Adeel Riaz, a medical professional and humanitarian, Aghosh UK employs a team of charity professionals at its Manchester UK office. We also employ a global network of partners and professionals to mobilise overseas charitable activities in affected countries like Pakistan & AJK, Turkiye, Libya, Egypt and Palestine.

The Aghosh UK Orphan Support Philosophy

Aghosh UK’s orphan support initiatives and programmes are inspired by Islamic teachings. As humanitarians and as Muslims, we understand the human rights granted to orphans and take systematic steps to fulfil them. We recognise orphans as the most vulnerable strata of any society. As the Messenger of Allah wisely said:

‘The one who cares for an orphan and I will be together in Paradise like this’, and he ﷺ held his two fingers together. (Sahih al-Bukhari)

Islamic practices strongly encourage Muslims to take responsibility for orphans. There is much wisdom and benefit in this. Firstly, by fulfilling the command of Allah and His Prophet to look after the orphan ennobles the giver and their family. Secondly, it blesses one’s wealth: on the Day of Judgement, all your Sadaqah will testify to your good deeds. Thirdly, it protects its giver from the trials and temptations of wealth and miserliness and elicits Allah’s forgiveness for sins. Fourthly, it softens the heart and creates tenderness in the soul. And lastly, it is Sadaqah-e-Jaariyah (ongoing charity) for you and your loved ones.

Aghosh Homes is one of our flagship programmes through which we currently support over 22,000 orphans across 20+ orphanages in Pakistan

Aghosh UK has two established channels for orphan support: Aghosh Homes and the Orphan Care Programme.

Under the Aghosh Homes Programme, Aghosh UK provides state-of-the-art boarding facilities to orphaned children who do not have any parents or guardians, and who do not have any emotional and financial support. Trained volunteers from Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan identify and enrol orphans into our Aghosh Homes orphanages. Aghosh Homes protects orphans from their harsh and devastating circumstances by providing clothing, education, food and shelter. Aghosh UK supports these young people to have better life chances and outcomes for themselves and their communities; we encourage and empower orphans to fulfil their potential, and make a positive contribution to society.

Aghosh UK’s other orphan support channel is the Orphan Care Programme (OCP), which is designed to support orphaned children’s families who have lost their primary breadwinners due to unforeseen circumstances. The OCP supports orphans to remain at home with their mother or guardian. Aghosh UK’s OCP sponsorships provide orphans with education, healthcare and other essentials to assist with any challenges and improve outcomes, ensuring a secure upbringing. Guardians are also given opportunities to become more self-reliant.

Why Choose Aghosh UK for Orphan Support?

Mission & Vision

Aghosh UK’s vision is to transform the lives of vulnerable orphans, whether they live with guardians or without, enabling them to fulfil their potential, for a better life for themselves and their communities. 

We’re on a mission to provide orphans with love and happiness, nourish them with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support, as well as providing opportunities to improve their communities, and even become future leaders and change-makers through quality education.

Aghosh UK has a robust network of partners on the ground to make sure your donation reaches orphans giving them the support that they need. 

Strong Institutions and Networks to Deliver Our Orphan Care Mission

Aghosh UK partners with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP), and mobilises its volunteer network (which is the largest in Pakistan) to help improve the lives of the country’s orphans. Hailing from all walks of life, these volunteers range from labourers, drivers, cooks, and distributors to highly skilled workers like teachers, doctors, developers, etc. AKFP’s head office is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and is governed by the president, 8 vice presidents and multiple secretaries. AKFP’s staff and volunteers are spread throughout Pakistan working from  9 regional offices, 150+ local offices manned by 1,600+ leadership volunteers, and 60,000+ registered local volunteers.

These strengths allow us to contribute our expertise in multiple sectors, primarily orphan support, and also initiatives in healthcare, clean water, education, community services, disaster relief, etc.

Strong Institutions

Accountability and Transparent Management and Reporting

Aghosh UK’s charity programmes follow thorough reporting protocols ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective communication. Aghosh UK is registered with the Charity Commission For England And Wales, registration number 1178778. Our team follows UK regulatory standards including the Charities Act 2011 and the Charity Governance Code. Our donors can request quarterly reports detailing project manager contact details, project scope, duration and objectives, estimated number of beneficiaries, implementing agency, achievements and outputs followed up with the plan for the next reporting period. Aghosh UK  routinely publishes email newsletters informing readers of our latest programme activities.

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Support Programme Methodology

Your orphan support donations are being put to good use with Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundations Pakistan’s team of charity professionals. We have developed and deployed a well-structured orphan support methodology beginning with a meticulous needs assessment to understand the individual requirements of every orphaned child. In our assessment, we factor in various data points including the number of orphans, demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, location, etc.), family status (parental loss, caregiver status, living arrangements, etc.), educational status (school attendance, academic performance and access to resources), health and wellbeing (nutrition, physical health, mental health, and access to healthcare) and finally, social support (access to networks, extended family, community organisations, government assistance, etc.). We then execute programme planning, defining clear objectives, activities, timelines and resources to serve orphan needs in clearly defined budgets. Whether we want to build an orphanage or organise a sports gala, the objectives and plans are always clear. This is followed by stakeholder engagement, communicating programme scope to beneficiaries, communities, partners and donors. Our local volunteers can communicate our mission and vision to local audiences in local languages. Committing to the programme, we initiate resource mobilisation through a combination of financial contributions, volunteer support and material donations. Our teams can procure, pack, transport and deliver donation items to even the most remote areas through our reliable networks. Upon executing the initiative with our implementation partner agencies, we conduct real-time progress tracking under monitoring & evaluation to measure outcomes and adjust operations as needed. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation management evaluate documents like quarterly progress reports to evaluate programme effectiveness. We consider collaborative partnerships essential to amplify our programme’s impact through pooling resources, expertise and networks. We partner with local and international NGOs to increase the impact of our orphan support programmes. In the post-launch phase, we amplify donor awareness through advocacy efforts, creating public support for systematic change and policy reform. We focus on programme sustainability through multifaceted strategies like diversifying funding streams, capacity-building, and fostering community ownership. Finally, we foster a knowledge-sharing culture by developing and publishing documentation of best practices, case studies and lessons learned through our experiences.

Interpersonal Approach

Our initiatives are not just focused on providing necessities. We create strong and positive, life-long relationships with the orphans that we care for, in part by serving as their guardians. Our volunteers value cultural sensitivity; they interact with mutual respect and understanding of the cultural context of local communities. We approach orphans with empathy and compassion, befriending them and understanding their unique experiences and challenges. Whilst always maintaining professional boundaries and high standards of child safety, our trained staff nurture healthy values including punctuality, responsibility, dedication and discipline. Skilled in active listening, we understand the needs and concerns of orphaned children and we offer them a safe space for the expression of ideas and opinions. Ultimately, we’re committed to individual empowerment through interactions, education and mentorship.

Aghosh UK’s Orphan Support Programmes’ Impacts:

Milestones Achieved

Under our flagship programme, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation have made headlines. The impact of orphan support initiatives is widely recognised by the international humanitarian community. Here are a few milestones we have achieved so far:

  • Supporting 22,000+ orphans across the world
  • Sponsoring 19,950+ orphans at home
  • Sheltering 1,600+ orphans at Aghosh Homes
  • Spent 2,140+ Million PKR for orphan support

Milestones Achieved

Aghosh Homes - What makes our Orphan Homes unique?

Overview – what do Orphans in Aghosh Homes receive?

One of Aghosh UK’s flagship programmes is Aghosh Homes. Under this programme, we construct, staff and operate orphanages across Pakistan and Turkiye. Aghosh Homes serve as safe havens for orphaned youth, offering them a loving and supportive environment to call home. These facilities provide safe shelter, nutritious meals, new clothes, quality education, healthcare services, and emotional support to nurture orphans, fulfil their potential, improve their outcomes as well as make a positive contribution to their communities and society. Our orphan support services include:

  • Accommodation 
  • Three Meals a Day
  • Primary/Secondary/College Education
  • Health Screenings
  • Periodical Medical Check-ups
  • Mental Health Lectures
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Character Building
  • Recreational/Study Tours
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Computer Education
  • Exposure Visits

Features of Aghosh Homes:

Aghosh Homes provides unmatchable boarding and lodging facilities on the pattern of a Cadet College to empower our students to fulfil their potential. Our orphanages are custom-built with proper physical infrastructure, providing secure and child-friendly living spaces, including sleeping quarters, common areas and recreational spaces. We recruit and train qualified staff, including caregivers, educators, healthcare professionals, and administrative personnel, to provide comprehensive support and care for orphaned children. 

Aghosh Homes include:

  • Accommodation Rooms for Children
  • Dormitories
  • Libraries
  • Computer labs
  • Classrooms 
  • Outdoor playgrounds & Lawns
  • Indoor Games & Recreation Areas 
  • Dining Halls
  • Multipurpose Halls
  • Kitchen with Brick Oven (Tandoor)
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Rooms for Staff & Security Guards & Wardens
  • Car Parking
  • Onsite support Staff & Facilities including Admin, Accounts, Management etc
  • Indoor Games Areas
  • Lodging Facilities & Guest Rooms

Make your positive impact in the world by donating to Aghosh Homes, a programme that provides safe and nurturing environments for orphans in Pakistan and Turkey. Your contribution can help change lives and build a brighter future.

Orphan’s Daily Routine at Aghosh Homes:

Through structured routines and supportive caregivers, Aghosh Homes creates a stable and nurturing environment where orphans can reach their full potential. Our orphanage staff are dedicated to implementing healthy daily routines for orphans. Caregivers provide assistance and supervision to the children during their everyday activities such as waking up in the morning, getting ready for the day, having breakfast, getting ready for classes, playtime, homework, lunch, leisure activities in the afternoon, dinner, bedtime routines, and nighttime sleep. These homes provide more than just shelter—they provide stability, security, and a sense of belonging. Within the walls of Aghosh Homes, orphaned youth find solace, forming lifelong bonds with staff and their peers.

Updates on Aghosh Homes Orphanage Facilities in Pakistan

Here are some key numbers on the progress of our Aghosh Homes infrastructure:

  • 21 Aghosh Homes fully Operational
  • 7 Aghosh Homes Under Construction Phase
  • 5 Aghosh Homes in the Planning Phase
  • 5 Aghosh Homes under Extension Phase

Currently, Aghosh Homes are operating in the following areas of Pakistan:

  • Punjab (Attock, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Murree, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad & Sheikhupura)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Chitral, Dera Ismail Khan, Dir Lower, Haripur, Kohat, Mansehra & Peshawar)
  • Sindh (Hala, Rashidabad & Karachi)
  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir (Bagh & Rawlakot)

To date, the following Aghosh Homes are Under Construction:

  • Punjab (Lahore, Bhera & Sialkot)
  • Gilgit Baltistan (Gilgit)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Buner & North Waziristan)

Aghosh Homes

Aghosh Homes in Turkiye

The earthquake that struck Turkiye on 6th February 2023 completely shifted the urban dynamics of the Gaziantep province, affecting countless families. Many children lost one or both parents,  losing their sole means of financial and emotional support. These vulnerable orphans now looked to the international humanitarian community for support.

Under our Aghosh Homes programme, Aghosh UK mobilised funds, resources, volunteers and partners to provide orphan support services to children who have lost their parents. Complimenting our Turkiye earthquake rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts, we have partnered with Hayrat Yardim to develop an Aghosh Orphans Center in Gaziantep, Turkiye.

Under this initiative, we secured orphan sponsorships to support the Gaziantep Boys Orphan Education Center, providing shelter, food, and education to young children orphaned by the Turkiye earthquake in 2023. The centre provides quality shelter, regular meals, school classes and Islamic education to boarded children. Currently, we are rapidly expanding our orphanage network to serve more orphans, both boys and girls.

Are you looking for ways to support vulnerable orphans affected by natural disasters? Learn about our Aghosh Homes programme which provides shelter, food, and education to children who have lost their parents, and join us in making a difference.

Update on the Orphan Care Programme (OCP)

Our OCP supports orphans to receive education, healthcare and other essentials while remaining at home with their mother/guardian. Key figures for this programme include:  

  •  20,000+ OFSP Orphans Supported
  • Conducted 1,660+ Orphan Activities
  • Operating 185+ CMCDP Study Centres
  • Operating 110+ Clusters

We understand that losing a parent or guardian can make life difficult. Under OCP, we aim to fulfil all the fundamental parenting needs of orphans who have lost one or both parents and are being taken care of by their widowed mothers or close relatives. We believe that every child deserves to have a bright future, and we want to help them get there. We also support the needs of surviving parents, usually mothers.

Orphan Family Support Programme


OCP is centred on five programme pillars:

  • Firstly, under Financial Assistance, we provide monthly expenses to the surviving parents or guardians so they can meet household expenses like food rations, clothing, rent, utilities, etc.
  • Secondly, under Educational Assistance, we support the orphan’s education by financing school fees, providing course books, procuring school supplies and supplying school uniforms and shoes.
  • Thirdly, we organise  Annual Health Screenings for orphans and their mothers, detecting any underlying health conditions, treating illnesses and ensuring necessary medical care.
  • Fourthly, under Character Building, we offer various opportunities and activities to nurture and empower orphans.
  • And lastly, under Interest-Free Loans, we provide micro-financing options to families of orphaned children to bolster their self-reliance. These loans vary from livestock donations to industrial machinery, to business loans.

We also take systematic steps to ensure the child protection rights of orphaned children, prioritising the right to safety, dignity, and well-being. In the case of rural families, we educate and assist the family in matters of family inheritance. We also design and implement interventions aimed at strengthening family dynamics, enhancing parenting skills, and promoting positive caregiving practices. Through ongoing support and follow-up services, we ensure the continued safety, well-being, and integration of orphans into the community.

Our Process for Helping Orphans on the Orphan Care Programme

Our colleagues conduct thorough assessments and identify families that meet the beneficiary criteria. We confirm the parents’ status, and the orphan’s status, assess the family’s financial needs, and prioritise beneficiaries based on vulnerability. We record details of these families and establish contact with them. After enrolling these families under the programme, they become eligible for our orphan support services and are designated to a Cluster Incharge. We immediately initiate direct bank transfers of monthly financial aid to the mother/guardian’s bank account to bear the sustenance expenses of their orphan child. Our partners at Alkhidmat keep a trial record of the sponsored orphan’s entire educational progress through our local offices.

Orphan Care Programme Activities in Pakistan

Our orphan family support programme focuses on providing support to orphaned children and their surviving parents. Under OCP, we have nestled another initiative titled the Child & Mother Character Development Programme (CMCDP). It aims to teach orphans to live a productive life based on self-sufficiency. 

Under OCP, we routinely organise Content-Based, Entertainment, Curricular, Co-Curricular, Health & Fitness Activities. Complimenting both programmes is a detailed calendar of orphan care activities that are carried out across the year to enrich the lives of all orphans under our care:

  • We commemorated the 12th Rabi-ul-Awal with insightful lectures on the significance of Seerat-e-Nabvi, instilling profound lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We engaged the children with Seerat-e-Nabvi Quiz competitions, fostering learning and rewarding excellence.
  • In October, as the world celebrated International Teachers’ Day, our young stars paid heartfelt tributes to their teachers through melodious performances and creative expressions of gratitude. 
  • November saw vibrant celebrations of Iqbal Day, featuring poetry competitions to acquaint orphaned children with the poetic legacy of Allama Iqbal and its profound impact on Pakistan’s ethos.
  • Quaid-e-Azam Day was marked with reverence as orphaned children imbibed the timeless values of “Unity, Faith, and Discipline” espoused by the founder of Pakistan. Through speeches, performances, and artwork, our young beneficiaries expressed gratitude towards Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his visionary leadership.
  • For our Annual Health Screening, we prioritised the health and well-being of orphaned children and their mothers with annual health screening programmes across various regions. This initiative underscores our commitment to ensuring comprehensive care for orphaned children and nurturing their physical, emotional, and social well-being.
  • In January, we celebrate Children’s Day festivities by valuing self-care and nurturing our young beneficiaries’ holistic well-being.
  • Observing Haya Day in February, we teach young minds the significance of modesty and the importance of the Hijab in Islam.
  • On Green Pakistan Day, we promote environmental stewardship among the children by including them in a nationwide cleanliness campaign. This instils habits of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • For Ramadan, we conduct educational sessions on the significance of fasting and its societal implications.
  • At Ramadan Iftari Dinners, children enjoy a delicious meal and are educated on various Islamic rites.
  • Lectures on Interpersonal harmony foster empathy and promote peaceful coexistence among the children, nurturing their mental and emotional growth.
  • Holidays were celebrated with orphans by Eid Gift Shopping of unstitched fabrics and visiting tailors under the care of AKFP volunteers.
  • Our volunteers celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with Eidi Distribution to orphans and a cake-cutting ceremony.
  • At the Annual Sports Gala, children display their athleticism and team spirit in a celebration of sportsmanship and unity.

Orphan Family Support Programme Activities in Pakistan

Through these diverse activities, our Orphan Care Programme enriches the lives of orphaned children and empowers them for a brighter future.

Celebrating Some Orphan Care Programme’s Success Stories

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan celebrate the success stories of our beneficiaries, orphaned children, sharing their testimonies and experiences to inspire others and showcase the real impact of our work. From overcoming adversity to achieving dreams, these testimonies offer a glimpse into the resilience, strength, and determination of orphaned youth who have thrived under our orphan care initiatives.

We have achieved multiple positive outcomes, from improved educational outcomes to enhanced mental and physical well-being, these stories illustrate the profound impact of Aghosh UK’s holistic approach to orphan support.

We like to call these little heroes our “Shining Stars”. By sharing these stories, Aghosh UK aims to inspire change, raise awareness, and mobilise support for its mission to create a brighter future for orphaned youth around the world.

From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Dubai: Story of Adil Khan

Adil Khan hails from the Charsadda district and his life has been marked by a series of challenges. He lost his father at a young age, which left him without a guiding figure in life. That was when the Alkhidmat Foundation stepped in to sponsor his education and provide him with a chance to achieve his dreams. Adil Khan completed his matriculation from the Alkhidmat Foundation School, Bahlola Campus, Charsadda, and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Bacha Khan University.

Today, Adil Khan is a successful professional and works for an overseas employer in Dubai, UAE. His journey is a testament to the power of education and the impact that organisations like the Alkhidmat Foundation can have on the lives of underprivileged individuals.

If you are or know someone who is facing similar challenges in life, please, do not lose hope. Inform us at Aghosh UK or Alkhidmat Foundation directly and help us guide them towards a better future. Our team understands that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving one’s potential and life goals.

Ready to Serve the Nation: Rana Mateen and Farukh Zafar

Here’s the story of another two of our  Shining Stars, two bright students, Mr Rana Mateen and Mr Farukh Zafar, who have been admitted to the prestigious Pakistan Sweet Home (PSH) Cadet College in Gujjar Khan, Jhelum. Both students have recently completed their intermediate part one exams and have secured excellent grades. Mr. Rana Mateen has secured 93% marks, while Mr. Farukh Zafar has scored 87% marks.

These scores speak volumes about their hard work, dedication, and commitment to their studies. We congratulate them on their success and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. It is heartening to know that both of them aspire to join the Pakistan Army and serve their nation. We’re excited to report the progress of their journey and we look forward to learning about their positive contributions to Pakistani society.

Help us to empower more orphans to fulfil their potential,  like these young people, and support our Aghosh Homes initiative. Readers like you can donate as little as £30 per month to our orphan sponsorships and play your part in raising the next generations of Shining Stars like Mr Rana or Mr Farukh.

A Soaring Author: Rafiya Kamran

For our next Orphan Care Success Story, we’d like to present a literary masterpiece, “Raindrops and Gemstones,” a book based on the life story and personal observations of the talented author, Rafiya Kamran, hailing from Lahore. Being an avid learner, she has always been engrossed in the world of knowledge. Her passion for education has driven her to write this book, which is a beautiful blend of creativity, imagination, and reality. 

The book is not just a mere compilation of words but is a heartwarming tribute that Rafiya has dedicated to her late father. The book is a portrayal of her father’s love, care, and support that has helped her to reach where she is today. 

If you are interested in exploring the life story of a determined and dedicated individual, then “Rafiya Kamran: The Shining Star” is a must-read for you. It’s a book that will not only entertain you but also leave you with valuable lessons that you can implement in your own life.

Second Edition Available Soon!

Outstanding Matric & Intermediate Results of Alkhidmat Sponsored Orphans

By the grace of Allah SWT, promising students sponsored under the Orphan Family Support Programme (OFSP) passed Intermediate-I, Matriculation (BISE Quetta) and Class 9th Exams with flying colours. We would like to congratulate their parents, their guardians and teachers on this monumental accomplishment. Here is a list of our exceptional achievers:

  • Ijaz Hussain (BISE Mardan) 494/550
  • Dua Shabbir (BISE Abbottabad) 464/550
  • Muhammad Salman (BISE Mardan) 450/550
  • Mosa Mansoor (BISE Mardan) 450/550
  • Hammad Khan (BISE Mardan) 418/550
  • Noormah Shabbir (BISE Abbottabad) 527/550
  • Muhammad Alyan Shah (BISE Mardan) 490/550
  • Waheed Ahmad (BISE Mardan) 484/550
  • Sughra Akhter (BISE Abbottabad) 458/550
  • Asim (BISE Mardan) 420/550
  • Jamal Abdul Nasir (BISE Quetta) 935/1100
  • Muqadas (BISE Quetta) 855/1100
  • Shoaib Murad (BISE Quetta) 837/1100


In conclusion, orphaned children are one of the most vulnerable segments of society, facing a wide range of problems that hinder their growth and development. These children face numerous challenges, including poverty, hunger, and lack of access to healthcare and education, and require institutional interventions by humanitarian professionals. Aghosh UK, in partnership with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, has been working extensively to provide comprehensive orphan support initiatives in Pakistan and Turkiye.

Orphan support charities like Aghosh UK can play an integral role in improving their lives by providing essential care, education, and shelter. By sponsoring an orphan monthly or annually, donors can play their part in providing a loving home and a bright future to vulnerable orphans. With your support, we can protect a smile and secure a future for these little ones.


  • 153 million children worldwide are orphans, facing problems such as child mortality, labour, lack of education and healthcare, psychological trauma, poverty, natural disasters, and armed conflicts.
  • Orphans face challenges like poverty, hunger, lack of healthcare and education, exploitation, abuse, and neglect.
  • Aghosh UK provides essential care, education, and shelter to orphans, improving their lives and outcomes.
  • Aghosh UK has two orphan support channels: Aghosh Homes and the Orphan Care Programme.
  • Aghosh Homes provides boarding facilities, while the Orphan Care Programme supports orphans living with their mothers or guardians.
  • Aghosh UK follows transparent reporting protocols and is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
  • The orphan support methodology involves needs assessment, programme planning, stakeholder engagement, resource mobilisation, monitoring, evaluation, collaborative partnerships, donor awareness, programme sustainability, and knowledge sharing.
  • Aghosh Homes provides safe shelter, meals, education, healthcare, and emotional support, with features like accommodation rooms, dormitories, libraries, and recreational spaces.
  • The Orphan Care Programme focuses on financial assistance, educational assistance, annual health screenings, character building, and interest-free loans.
  • Aghosh UK celebrates success stories of orphans who have thrived under its care, showcasing the impact of its work.
  • The organisation offers various ways to support its orphan support programmes, including donations, volunteering, and becoming a brand ambassador.

Aghosh UK: A Beacon of Hope in Partnership with AKFP

A Beacon of Hope in Partnership with AKFP


In a world brimming with challenges and uncertainties, there are steadfast beacons of hope tirelessly striving to positively impact the lives of those who need it most. Aghosh UK, registered with the Charity Commission UK, proudly stands as one of these guiding lights, wholeheartedly dedicated to tackling poverty and uplifting communities in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), and beyond.

Based in Manchester, Aghosh UK stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals who share a common vision—a vision of a world where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has access to life’s necessities. This blog explores the experiences, hurdles, and triumphs of those who have played pivotal roles in shaping Aghosh UK into the humanitarian powerhouse it is today.

A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry.” Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (Sahih Bukhari)

Creation of Aghosh UK

Aghosh UK was founded in 2018 as a separate institution under the leadership of the Alkhidmat Foundation, with a sincere desire to alleviate poverty in Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK). Aghosh UK serves as a vehicle to direct the charitable efforts of UK-based professionals to manifest a shared vision—to create a world where life’s essentials are accessible to all.

Aghosh UK emerged from a profound understanding that every penny contributed plays a pivotal role in transforming the lives of those struggling for survival. Its creation embodied the belief that donations are not just financial transactions; they are the bearers of hope and the architects of a brighter future for the most vulnerable members of society.

Institutional Framework:

Aghosh UK’s institutional framework epitomises its commitment to charity work. The charity boasts a team of UK-based professionals with a deep-rooted connection with Pakistan & AJK, having spent their formative years there. This personal connection ignites an unshakable altruistic dedication to the cause and grants them a deeper understanding of charitable activities.

Structured with precision, the charity’s team members embrace specific roles and responsibilities, ensuring the efficient execution of Aghosh UK’s mission, vision and values. Chaired by Dr Adeel Riaz, a medical professional and humanitarian, Aghosh UK employs a team of charity professionals at its UK office. Aghosh UK also employs a global network of partners and professionals to also mobilise overseas charitable activities in Pakistan, Turkiye, Libya, Egypt and Palestine, as well as other countries where help is needed. We are also committed to hiring and developing skilled professionals who are passionate about supporting the organisation’s mission of helping vulnerable children.

Since its inception, Aghosh UK has achieved remarkable milestones and mobilised thousands of pounds of donations to assist humanitarian causes. It has also been recognised by the international humanitarian community for making an impact. Its capacity to provide essential services, such as food, shelter, education, healthcare, relief and rehabilitation is a testament to its unwavering commitment to the institution’s mission: “of serving humanity irrespective of religion, colour, caste, or race.”

Grounded in Humanitarian Values:

Aghosh UK draws its inspiration from humanitarian values from Quranic principles that emphasise compassion, charity, and the responsibility of individuals to contribute to the community’s welfare. The charity’s commitment to eradicating poverty aligns with the Quranic teachings highlighting the importance of helping those in need.

Quranic references such as And they give food despite love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive (Quran 76:8) serve as a guiding light for Aghosh UK’s charitable efforts. These verses underscore the moral imperative of providing essential services like shelter, education, and healthcare to those less fortunate, reflecting the charity’s profound dedication to making a positive impact based on the some of the key values found in the Quran.

Active Volunteers:

With a team of 200 dedicated volunteers, the organisation is committed to making a positive impact through its various initiatives and programmes. Enthusiastic men and women from all walks of life work with us to contribute their time, skills, and experience to improve the lives of people around the world. We welcome volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets, and we are committed to providing a positive and rewarding volunteer experience.

Partnership with AKFP (Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan):

Operated by the President, Vice President, Chairpersons, Directors and Secretaries, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP) boasts a team of seasoned nonprofit professionals committed to humanitarian welfare in Pakistan and AJK.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan(AKFP) is a committed partner of Aghosh UK, and it provides valuable support to facilitate the roll out of its programmes. AKFP is a renowned charitable organisation operating in Pakistan & AJK and has strategic partnerships with Aghosh UK to operate regional humanitarian efforts.

Alkhidmat boasts the largest volunteer network in Pakistan. When it comes to providing relief in times of disaster or emergencies, Alkhidmat is considered the most responsive charity network. AKFP’s programmes range from raising orphans to providing affordable healthcare, clean water, education, community services, disaster relief, and rehabilitation. With their unwavering commitment and dedication to helping those in need, Alkhidmat is a beacon of hope for millions of people across the country.

Find out more about Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

With a long track record of delivering successful programmes , Aghosh UK and AKFP are a glimmer of hope for the poor, disenfranchised masses of Pakistan & AJK, as well as victims of conflicts and natural disasters across the globe. Driven by the values of love and compassion, our collaboration is capable of addressing critical issues and offering aid and assistance where it is most desperately needed. Together, we have been providing ongoing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people in complex geo-political situations, such as Gaza and Palestine for quite some time

Usually, Aghosh UK creates donor awareness, programme advocacy, launches charity appeals, conducts fundraising events and manifests stakeholders to mobilise the public for a charitable cause. This is where the AlKhidmat Foundation comes in, bringing its expertise in operations, communications, programme management, volunteer coordination, event management, community engagement and logistics to acquire, store, transport and distribute humanitarian aid to local partners and beneficiaries.

Transforming Lives: Aghosh UK's Vital Initiatives for Those in Need

Aghosh UK employs a multifaceted approach to serve beneficiaries by implementing carefully designed philanthropic initiatives with multiple cross-cutting themes. Strategising begins by assigning a programme scope, developing a theory of change, conducting asset mapping and proposing a detailed intervention plan with a sound method of impact assessment. This allows Aghosh UK to address critical aspects of human well-being. Aghosh UK’s program design methodology is driven by a passion for making a positive impact.

In the pursuit of its noble mission, Aghosh UK follows the timeless proverb ‘Charity begins at home’, recognising that change often starts with local communities. Local communities play a critical role in philanthropic programmes, as they are often best positioned to identify the needs and challenges of their group. By engaging and empowering community members, Aghosh UK creates more effective and sustainable programs.

Through its vital initiatives, Aghosh UK provides support and assistance in a range of areas, from orphan care to disaster management, healthcare, education, clean water, and more.

Orphan Family Support Programme:

Aghosh Homes is the cornerstone of our charity’s mission. With an estimated number of 4 to 10 million orphans in Pakistan, we’re focused on alleviating the struggles of young children burdened by the loss of one or both parents. During such a family crisis, Aghosh UK steps in, serving as a guardian.

Aghosh UK necessary financial support for educational and everyday finances for orphan children aged 16 and under, while the Orphan Family Support Programme ensures comprehensive mental, social and moral growth of the sponsored children through a comprehensive multi-module framework.

Our Orphan Family Support Programme includes

● Family Financial Support

● Education Monitoring

● Physical Health Screening

● Medical Treatment

● Study Centre Visits

● Interest-Free Loans

● Moral Guidance

● Co-Curricular Activities

Through our tried and tested approach, over 21,000 children have benefited from OFSP. We help the surviving guardian by sponsoring school fees, distributing allowances, and providing education kits containing school bags, curriculum books, stationery, seasonal uniforms, and shoes. We also enrol sponsored orphans into the Child Character Development Programme to improve their moral and social growth.

Learn more about how can support our initiative by sponsoring an orphan.

Aghosh Homes:

As our flagship programme, Aghosh Homes is our oldest initiative targeted to protect the most vulnerable segment of any civilised society – orphaned children. Providing solace and nurturing to young children who have lost the loving embrace of both their parents, we enrol orphaned children into our Aghosh Home Facilities providing them with food, clothing, boarding, education, healthcare, and mentorship facilities.

Our Aghosh homes serve as a sanctuary for care and protection as orphans can become a part of a new family with their new siblings and mentors. Under the Orphan Care Programme, Aghosh UK provides state-of-the-art boarding facilities to orphaned children who have lost all emotional and financial support from their parents/guardians. AKFP Volunteers identify and enrol orphans in our orphanages. Here, we shelter them from their harsh and devastating circumstances by providing clothing, education, food and shelter. We then support these young people to fulfil their potential for themselves and their communities.Our Aghosh Homes include:

● Accommodation

● Three Meals a Day

● Primary/Secondary/College Education

● Health Screenings

● Personal Mentoring

● Character Building

Currently, we have 1600+ orphans inducted at our Aghosh Homes. As of 2023, we have conducted over 1650+ Orphan Activities across 180+ CMCDP Study Centres and 110+ Clusters. Learn how you can sponsor an orphan or donate a share to build an Aghosh Home today.

Disaster Management:

Healed rural communities by dispatching 60+ Mobile Medical Units to flood-hit areas across Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan & AJK.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collectively achieved the following flood relief milestones:

● Mobilised 63,000 Volunteers

● Performed 65,000 Rescues

● Provided Temporary Housing to 59,000 People

● Performed 700,000 Medical Treatments

● Distributed 217,000 Food Packs

● Distributed 260,000 Clean Water Provisions

Following suit was Rebuild The Nation, an expansive Pakistan Flood Rehabilitation Programme focusing on rebuilding houses, sponsoring flood-affected farmers, sponsoring orphans, rebuilding schools and rebuilding masjids in the most flood-affected areas.

Aghosh UK has also extensively mobilised humanitarian efforts for the Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Appeal, after a 7.87 magnitude killed at least 50,0000 people. Recorded as the strongest earthquake in the last 100 years, Aghosh UK provided food packs, blankets, mattresses, and tents to help the earthquake-affected. Alkhidmat teams were dispatched on-ground to bring earthquake relief items. Hot food kitchens were set up to distribute warm meals.

During these trying times, we’ve firmly believed that unity is strength. Our volunteers have committed countless hours of time and energy to serve affectees of natural disasters in Pakistan, Turkiye, Syria and Libya to aid them in their time of need.

Health Activities:

Health Activities

Rural citizens of developing countries have a great disparity in access to quality healthcare and often require charities to bridge the gap. This is where Aghosh UK steps in. We coordinate with local and international partners for rescue evacuation, emergency medical responses, setting up mobile health clinics, setting up tent villages for disaster refugees, and more.

Aghosh UK’s healthcare activities focus on improving the life expectancy and quality of underserved communities. From setting up diagnostic laboratories in AJK to Emergency Medical Aid in Gaza, all with the singular humanitarian goal of making healthcare a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.

Our initiatives span across the globe, including Pakistan, AJK, Turkiye, Syria, Libia, Palestine and others. With a healthcare philosophy designed around the age-old wisdom of “prevention is better than cure”, our initiatives focus on serving underprivileged masses to help them overcome numerous healthcare challenges such as malnutrition, water-borne diseases, disaster injuries, accidental injuries and more.

By promoting preventative measures and early intervention, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. Administered by international medical professionals and humanitarians, our programme design encompasses the physical, mental, and emotional health of our beneficiaries.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collectively achieved notable milestones with our Health Activities:

● Established 40+ Hospitals

● Established 40+ Pharmacies

● Established 130+ Labs & Collection Centres

● Established 6,390+ Medical Centres

● Setup 420+ Medical Camps

● Provided 280+ Ambulances

Education Programmes:

Education Programme

Education is an invaluable tool for empowerment, and at Aghosh UK, we wholeheartedly acknowledge its transformative potential. We firmly believe that education is not just a gateway to knowledge but also a powerful catalyst for positive change. With this belief, we have established two pivotal educational programmes: the Child Protection Centre and the Alfalah Scholarship initiative.

Pakistan grapples with staggering statistics: 22.8 million children aged 5-16 out of school, a mere 62.3% literacy rate, and concerning deficiencies in educational infrastructure—41% lacking electricity, 32% without drinking water, and 27% lacking basic sanitation facilities. Aghosh UK’s Education campaign addresses these challenges by establishing schools, enhancing infrastructure, and creating opportunities for underprivileged children, empowering them with tools for a brighter future. By building schools in underserved regions, providing scholarships, and offering essential resources, Aghosh UK ensures no child is left behind.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collectively achieved notable milestones with our Health Activities:

● Established 45+ Child Protection Centres

● Established 80+ Skill Development Centres

● Established 50+ Alkhidmat Schools

Supporting Aghosh UK’s Education campaign means becoming a catalyst for change. Your contributions enable the construction of a foundation for these children, fostering a nation of educated, empowered individuals.

Join Aghosh UK in sculpting a promising tomorrow through education. Your donation today secures a child’s future and contributes to a more educated, empowered Pakistan.

Child Protection Centres

Child Protection Centres​

Knowledge is power, and Child Protection Centres (CPCs) by Aghosh UK stand as beacons of hope for vulnerable street children in Pakistan. These centres, strategically established across seven regions, spearhead a noble mission to uplift the lives of neglected youths dwelling amidst adversity. Pakistan, with its staggering population, grapples with a grave concern: approximately 2.5 million street children, are deprived of basic education and familial care. These young souls, surviving on the streets due to familial conflicts or inability, face multifaceted challenges, including limited education, health risks, societal neglect, and vulnerability to exploitation.

The CPCs, an initiative by Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, serve as sanctuaries, offering education, healthcare, emotional support, and recreational activities. With 51 centres already operational, the aim is to provide a brighter future by nurturing the potential of these children through education in various subjects like mathematics, English, Urdu, and Islamic education. Through education, we empower these children with the skills and knowledge they need to break the cycle of poverty and lead fulfilling lives. We understand that education is about acquiring academic knowledge and fostering personal growth, self-esteem, and confidence.

The impact is tangible – over 2,200 street children find solace in these centres, with 400+ enrolled in schools and 200 more awaiting their turn. However, the journey towards transforming these lives requires collective support. Aghosh UK welcomes donations, offering various sponsorship programs enabling continuous care for these children.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collectively established 51+ Child Protection Centres across various provinces of Pakistan:

● 19 in Punjab

● 17 in Khyber Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

● 4 in Balochistan

● 5 in Sindh

● 1 in Gilgit Baltistan

● 1 in Azad Kashmir

Alfalah Scholarship Programme

Alfalah Scholarship Programme​

The Alfalah Scholarship programme further underscores our commitment to educational empowerment. This noble endeavour aims to shatter economic barriers hindering deserving students’ educational pursuits since its establishment in 1998. It provides deserving students with the financial support they need to pursue higher education—a privilege that may have otherwise been out of reach. We firmly believe that every young mind, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to explore their full potential. By offering scholarships, we invest in the future and nurture tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

This collaborative effort between Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Pakistan isn’t just a financial aid programme; it’s a gateway to a brighter future. Beyond providing financial assistance, this initiative nurtures leadership, promotes higher education, offers career guidance, and strives to create an equitable society. At the heart of this initiative lies a belief that education is pivotal in personal and community growth. By providing financial resources to promising individuals, they strive to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and societal advancement.

Our Alfalah Scholarships include:

● Mentorship

● Coaching Sessions

● Career Counselling Sessions

● Annual Seminars

● Scholarship Guidance

● Financial Support

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation have collectively awarded 5000+ Alkhidmat Scholarships with the Alfalah Scholarship Programme. Students sponsored under the Alkhidmat Alfalah Scholarship have become Associates, Doctors, Engineers, Graduates, and Intermediates. The following statistics are proof:

● 2,000+ Intermediates

● 1,200+ Bachelors/Masters in Arts

● 550+ Graduates

● 700+ Medical Students

● 600+ Engineers

● 250+ Associate Engineers

Every contribution to the Alfalah Scholarship Programme enables Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Pakistan to extend their reach, offering crucial financial aid to deserving individuals. Make a tangible difference by supporting the Alfalah Scholarship Programme today.

Clean Water Appeal:

Clean Water Appeal

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right. At Aghosh UK, we are unwavering in ensuring everyone can access safe and clean drinking water. Clean and safe drinking water is not just a basic necessity; it is the essence of life itself. It plays a pivotal role in promoting good health, preventing waterborne diseases, and ensuring the overall well-being of communities. We firmly believe water is a source of vitality and an integral component of human existence.

Aghosh UK’s Clean Water Appeal programme is hinged on the cause of providing clean, safe drinking water to communities across Pakistan. With help from our generous donors, we are poised to alleviate the severe water crisis gripping Pakistan through the installation of hand pumps in arid lands, drilling water wells in remote water-scarce areas, and implementing water-filtration plants in urban cities.

The water scarcity in Pakistan is dire, affecting over 80% of the population. Shockingly, water availability per person has dwindled drastically over the years. Flood damages have exacerbated the situation, forcing millions of households to rely on unsafe drinking water sources.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation have partnered for nearly a decade to provide:

● 230+ Water Filtration Plants

● 320+ Solar

● 12,000+ Community Hand Pumps

● 2,550+ Water Wells

● 1,800+ Submersible Water Pumps

Your generosity is a lifeline for those facing water scarcity. Together, let’s make clean water a reality for every individual in Pakistan. Donate now to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

Diagnostic Lab in Mirpur:


Diagnostic Lab in Mirpur​In healthcare, timely and accurate diagnostics can make all the difference. It is often the first step towards effective treatment and better health outcomes. Aghosh UK aims to inaugurate a specialized diagnostic centre, a beacon of hope amid the escalating healthcare crisis gripping the region. The tumultuous conditions along the Line of Control (LOC) have exacerbated the pressing need for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

Mirpur district grapples with a stark scarcity of healthcare infrastructure, particularly evident in rural pockets. The absence of diagnostic facilities impairs timely diagnoses, magnifying healthcare disparities. Aghosh UK envisions a pivotal change—introducing specialized diagnostic services at subsidized rates, fortifying community health, and narrowing the healthcare gap.

Our lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experienced professionals who understand the critical importance of their work. Our diagnostic labs are capable of bridging the gap in healthcare access that many underserved communities face. Offering a wide range of diagnostic services, from blood tests to imaging, we ensure beneficiaries receive the medical assessments they need promptly. This not only aids in early disease detection but also empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Our Diagnostics Labs offer:
● Blood Banking
● Haematology
● Microbiology
● Routine Chemistry
● Special Chemistry
● Ultrasound
● X-Ray

Join us in shaping this pivotal healthcare revolution. You can help play your part in helping us deliver life-changing healthcare services.

Visit our Mirpur AJK Diagnostics Lab Webpage here!


Aghosh UK symbolises hope and a resolute commitment to combating poverty in Pakistan and AJK. Its origin, institutional framework, and influential partnership with AKFP have paved the way for transformative humanitarian work. In tandem with AKFP, Aghosh UK has a history of making meaningful impacts through its programmes. Join hands with Aghosh UK and AKFP, for in unity, we find strength, and through collective endeavours, we illuminate the world with the light of hope.

Contact Us:

Are you inspired to contribute to a noble cause? We would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to humanitarians to join hands in making a positive impact. With our wide range of programmes, we’re always on the lookout for like-minded individuals and institutions that can support our charitable causes. We encourage you to get in touch with us over an email or a telephone call to discuss donations. We encourage you to join us in our struggle to alleviate poverty and uplift communities. Let us forge a path towards a brighter and more compassionate future together. Contact Us Now and Be The Change!

Aghosh UK: Disaster Management Initiatives Across the Globe

Disaster Management Initiatives Across the Globe

Diligently providing disaster management services through the Pakistan Floods (2022), and the Turkiye and Morocco Earthquakes (2023)


Sometimes in life, unforeseen disasters occur, leaving victims grappling with the aftermath. Local communities, especially in the developing world, can experience total upheaval after an unprecedented natural disaster, like a violent earthquake, a sweeping flood or a ferocious storm. Often affected by huge psychological and physical trauma, victims have to contend with their injuries and losses, attend to the wounded, and bury the deceased. They find their homes, infrastructure and any businesses and livelihoods destroyed. Surrounded by such overwhelming catastrophe, people often try to migrate for the safety of their families. In such challenging circumstances, vulnerable communities urgently rely on humanitarian support from disaster management charities. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation are very quick to respond to these needs, mobilising their disaster management teams to assist victims and provide urgently needed aid and support.

This blog explores Aghosh UK’s disaster management response, focusing on its unwavering commitment to supporting victims in the face of recent disasters, specifically the recent Pakistan floods and the earthquakes in Turkiye and Morocco.

Inspired to Serve Humanity

Aghosh UK has been working with the Alkhidmat Foundation in a strategic partnership spanning many decades to form a community-led network comprising staff, partners, volunteers, donors, media, and the public.

Working together to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people, the charities’ primary aim is to alleviate poverty, hunger, and unemployment, and support orphans, by creating sustainable development projects. In addition, Aghosh UK also frequently collaborates with international partners and local charities in response to crises and disasters, helping affected communities rebuild their lives and mitigate against any possible future disasters.

With a humanitarian mission, our organisation is inspired by the Islamic values of charity.

The damage that these disasters have caused may not be reversible, but as Muslims, we must recognise this as an opportunity to act as changemakers and serve humanity.

You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish. And whatever you give is certainly well known to Allah. (Quran 3:92)

Our charity’s values include humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. These principles ensure that Aghosh UK’s disaster management efforts are guided by a commitment to serving humanity, irrespective of race, religion, or nationality.

Aghosh UK’s Disaster Management Approach

Our comprehensive approach incorporates preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation. Every Aghosh UK disaster management framework is established on preparation, which involves identifying potential risks and hazards, developing emergency response plans, and building capacity amongst communities to respond to disasters effectively. This is a year-round activity for communities in vulnerable geographic areas with high risk of cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, hurricanes, industrial accidents, landslides, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires, etc.

When a disaster tragically occurs, the response is the immediate action taken to address its adverse effects. Aghosh UK responds to disasters by providing emergency relief such as food, shelter, and medical assistance to victims and communities. This phase is the most time-sensitive and requires diligent rescue and relief efforts by first responders to help disaster victims. Aghosh UK regularly launches fundraising appeals in Great Britain to support disaster response efforts occurring across the globe.

Once the response phase is concluded, the recovery process takes over; this involves the return and resettlement of affected communities to their pre-disaster state. Aghosh UK supports recovery efforts by providing long-term assistance, including rebuilding infrastructure, restoring livelihoods, and addressing the psychological and physical trauma caused by disasters. To manage and reduce the impact of potential future disasters, the mitigation phase is then initiated. We work with communities to identify and implement measures that can prevent or mitigate the effects of disasters.

Find Out More About Aghosh UK’s Disaster Management Approach

Working with Stakeholders

Disaster Management is a critical issue that requires the collaboration of various stakeholders to ensure effective preparedness, response, and recovery. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan jointly engage with international and local stakeholders such as government agencies, emergency responders, community-based organisations, and volunteers to deliver disaster management efforts. We work closely with stakeholders to provide support in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, and we also raise funds to provide food, shelter, and medical care for disaster victims.

A Diverse Team of Disaster Management Professionals

The Disaster Management Team at Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is composed of highly trained and well-equipped professionals who possess the skills and expertise necessary to respond to disasters in a timely and efficient manner. With decades of cumulative experience in risk assessment, emergency planning, communication, leadership, and resource management, we manage many hundreds of people of different designations, including emergency managers, first responders, search and rescue teams, medical personnel, logistics experts, and communication specialists. Each member plays a crucial role in responding to disasters and ensuring the safety and well-being of affected communities.

Active Volunteers

Aghosh UK is committed to making a positive impact through its various initiatives and programmes, and our work is supported by a team of over 200 dedicated volunteers.

Enthusiastic men and women from all walks of life work with Aghosh UK to contribute their time, skills and experience to improve the lives of people around the world. We welcome volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets, and we are committed to providing a positive and rewarding volunteer experience.

Join the Aghosh UK Volunteer Team (https://aghosh.co.uk/volunteers/)

Aghosh UK’s Disaster Management Programmes:

Milestones Achieved

Through its diverse aid initiatives, Aghosh UK has provided a wide array of disaster management services including house construction, farmer support, and disaster relief during the Cholistan drought and Pakistan floods of 2022. Our key statistics (dated January 2024) demonstrate the scale of our significant outreach efforts:

● Mobilised 62,000 Volunteers
● Constructed 61,000 Shelter Homes
● Distributed 275,000 Ration Packages
● Established 37 Response Hubs
● Conducted 52 Trainings/Workshops
● Served 3,886,000 Beneficiaries

Pakistan Floods Relief 2022: Getting Pakistan out of Deep Waters

Pakistan Floods Relief 2022

In 2022, Pakistan faced the devastating impact of unusually heavy monsoon rains, which triggered flash flooding across the country. The scale of the disaster was massive, with over 1,800 lives lost and 3.2 trillion PKR in infrastructure damages; the floods severely affected the rural communities in Punjab, KPK and Sindh. The floods in Pakistan affected 33 million people, destroyed almost 900,000 homes, damaged 1.4 million more, killed over a million livestock, and destroyed 13,115 km of roads and 439 bridges. Additionally, more than 22,000 schools were damaged or destroyed. Even the arid lands of Sindh and Balochistan witnessed unprecedented monsoon rainfall, with the Minister of Climate Change of Pakistan reporting 784% and 500% more than their respective August averages.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s trained emergency responders took immediate action to assist rural communities with emergency disaster relief efforts supported by more than 60,000 volunteers. We provided emergency aid and relief to affected communities in Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan & AJK by distributing medicine, food, clothing and shelter. We established Response Hubs to serve as free medical camps for flood victims. Flash floods routinely cause numerous health problems, including illnesses from contaminated water, respiratory issues from mould, and injuries from debris. Most flood victims require immediate medical assistance in the first 24 hours to treat illnesses and injuries. However, not all medical camps were easily accessible by flood affectees.

To mitigate this problem, our strategists proposed to deploy Mobile Medical Units to flood-hit areas across Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan and AJK. With 60 Mobile Medical Units deployed, we were able to prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases including cholera, dengue, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, E. coli infections, norovirus, polio, etc. Such diseases are usually caused by consuming contaminated water and can be prevented through proper sanitation and treatment.

afterwardSlowly shifting from relief to eventual rehabilitation, we sheltered flood migrants in more than 60,000 Shelter Homes. By establishing 70 tent villages, we started to normalise the lives of displaced people.

Become an Aghosh UK volunteer today, and help make a difference.

Pakistan Floods Rehabilitation 2022: Rebuild Pakistan

Pakistan Floods Rehabilitation 2022 Rebuild Pakistan​

After an extensive disaster relief phase, we stepped up our rehabilitation efforts with the Rebuild Pakistan initiative to rebuild lives and livelihoods. Our rehabilitation activities included the reconstruction of homes, schools and masjids, farmer sponsorships, and orphan sponsorships and support. Aghosh UK’s and Alkhidmat Foundation’s joint approach was bolstered by the extraordinary resilience of Pakistan’s farmers.

By sponsoring flood-affected farmers, we helped them to restore their livelihoods. Our Farmer Support Kits were distributed across Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan & AJK. Consisting of fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, farming tools and other farming supplies, Aghosh UK diligently raised funds for these from generous donations across the UK. Additionally, we offered training to help farmers learn new techniques for climate-resistant farming practices. These efforts promoted long-term recovery and resilience for farmers affected by the Pakistan floods in 2022.

We also contributed to the rebuilding of community infrastructure, including farmers’ homes, schools and masjids. The floods had caused extensive damage to schools, causing huge disruption to children’s education. Our team contributed funds, materials and labour to repair damaged buildings and provide new furniture and textbooks. We also trained rural people on disaster safety protocols to build resilience and equip them with procedures to mitigate the effects of any future disasters.

In conclusion, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s strategic disaster management approach ensured a well-coordinated flood relief response and a systematic flood rehabilitation programme to serve the flood victims of Pakistan floods 2022.

Disaster Management for Turkiye Earthquake 2023:

Turkiye Earthquake 2023

Helping victims of the 2023 Turkiye Earthquakes

On 6th February 2023, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck southern and central Turkiye and northern and western Syria. This earthquake was followed by another quake of magnitude 7.7. The confirmed death toll stood at more than 59,000: 50,500 in Turkiye and 8,500 in Syria. Damages were estimated at nearly US$1508 billion in Turkiye and nearly US$15 billion in Syria. Recorded as one of the strongest earthquakes in the region over the last 100 years, the disaster damaged or destroyed over 230,000 buildings in Turkiye and 10,600 in Syria, bringing urban life to a complete halt in the cities of Nurdağı and Gaziantep. The disaster compounded the problems of the regional refugee crisis and required immediate reaction from the global humanitarian community. Alarmed by the scale and magnitude of the disaster, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation immediately mobilised our network of international and local partners to aid all those affected.

Help one another in acts of piety and righteousness. And do not assist each other in acts of sinfulness and transgression. And be aware of Allah.” (Quran 5:2).

After the huge earthquakes in Turkiye, rescue operations became a desperate race against time. Collapsed buildings created a labyrinth of debris, trapping survivors in pockets of darkness and dust. The top priority was locating survivors, with specialised teams employing search dogs, ground-penetrating radars, and acoustic sensors to pinpoint cries for help. Rescuers and volunteers often risked their own lives to clear paths with heavy machinery, meticulously tunnelling through the rubble to reach trapped survivors under the debris of damaged infrastructure. Following Turkiye’s call for international help, more than 141,000 people from 94 countries joined the rescue effort. By 10 February 2023, the government of Turkiye reported that more than 8,000 survivors had been rescued.

To assist further with rescue efforts in Turkiye, Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation initiated earthquake relief operations by providing essential support to earthquake victims, including food, water, shelter, and medical aid. By establishing a coordinated effort between government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and other stakeholders in the city of Gaziantep, we ensured the delivery of aid and relief supplies to the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation jointly launched the Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Emergency Appeal to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. Our appeal was focused on providing earthquake relief items including food packs, blankets, mattresses, and tents for earthquake victims. From March 10 to 19, we organised Rebuild Turkiye & Rebuild Pakistan Fundraising Dinners in Manchester, Bradford, London, Milton Keynes and Birmingham to engage the support of our donor base.

Focusing on necessities, we distributed ration packs to victims of the earthquakes. We coordinated with local partners, identified the most affected urban areas and communities, mobilised our volunteers, procured necessary resources, packaged ration packs, ensured quality and hygiene, and then transported the packs to affected areas to distribute them to vulnerable people. We ensured equal distribution, employed monitoring and evaluation practices, and regularly collaborated with other organisations.

To provide further relief to Turkiye earthquake victims, programme managers at Aghosh UK developed an ingenious solution to provide desperately needed meals. We furnished and deployed numerous mobile food vans equipped with all the necessary equipment and supplies to serve hot, nutritious meals to those in need. We installed cooking and heating equipment, set up storage areas for food and supplies, inducted necessary volunteers and ensured that the vans were kept clean and hygienic. Our goal was to create an easily accessible mobile kitchen to prepare and serve nourishing meals in earthquake-affected urban areas, with safety and efficiency in mind. By May 2023, we had distributed more than 3,000 cooked meals to earthquake victims, which contributed towards earthquake rehabilitation efforts.

Turkiye Earthquake Rehabilitation 2023: Warming Hearts with Hot Meals

Turkiye Earthquake Rehabilitation 2023 Warming Hearts with Hot Meals

Before the earthquakes, the city of Gaziantep in Turkiye had become a haven for many Syrian refugees. Gaziantep had experienced some of the challenges of supporting additional civilians with limited resources. The city’s management was focusing on urban poverty, tackling livelihood concerns and helping the unemployment challenge with new initiatives. However, all this progress was upended due to the 2023 earthquake. Earthquakes can also cause significant physical and emotional trauma, leaving individuals and communities in need of long-term support. The disaster rehabilitation phase is an integral part of any systematic disaster management initiative.

Our disaster management experts at Aghosh UK recognised the need for Turkiye earthquake rehabilitation initiatives and launched the Rebuild Turkiye Programme intending to bring the lives of affected people back to normal. We prioritised medical assistance and psychological support so communities could get back on their feet.

We launched a house reconstruction initiative so earthquake victims could return to the safety and shelter of their own homes. We adopted a systematic approach by assessing structure damages, identifying priority households for reconstruction, developing reconstruction plans, procuring materials and equipment, hiring skilled and unskilled labour, establishing construction sites, mobilising resources, implementing safety measures, monitoring progress, ensuring quality assurance and control, timely completion of reconstruction, and finally, the handover of houses to the owners.

We also expanded our rehabilitation efforts to include child protection, and through a multi-faceted approach, we enrolled orphans into our flagship Orphan Support Programme. Through orphan sponsorships, donors were now able to secure the future of Turkish and Syrian children who had lost the support of one or both of their parents. These sponsorships provide a stable home, a quality education, and a decent upbringing to earthquake-surviving orphaned children, allowing them to thrive.

Finally, we raised funds for orphanage construction projects in Turkiye so new boarding facilities could be provided for the influx of orphaned children after the tragic natural disaster. These facilities were designed to provide immediate shelter, safety and security, access to basic needs, educational opportunities, emotional support, and community building for children affected by earthquakes. They form a crucial part of the long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts of affected communities.

Support Aghosh UK’s Rebuild Turkiye Appeal Earthquake Appeal. 

Morocco Earthquake Appeal 2023: Rapid Relief

Morocco Earthquake Appeal 2023 Rapid Relief​

On September 8, 2023, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8–6.9 struck Morocco’s Marrakesh–Safi region. This resulted in significant damage and many casualties. The city of Marrakesh was one of the hardest hit areas, with many residents forced to spend three nights outdoors due to fear of aftershocks. Some businesses reopened on September 10, but unsafe areas were sealed off by officials. Meanwhile, rescue and aid efforts were underway, with the Moroccan army clearing roads and bringing supplies to affected areas.

The aftermath witnessed a substantial international response, with numerous countries expressing condolences and offering aid. The earthquake’s impact on Morocco led to nearly 3,000 reported fatalities and concerns about housing, particularly with winter approaching.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation joined the international rescue and relief effort by announcing our Morocco Earthquake Emergency Relief Appeal to raise funds across the UK. Prioritising earthquake relief items, we procured blankets, food packs and tents from accessible markets and supplied them to our local volunteers. Aghosh UK’s immediate deployment of emergency response teams ensured that aid reached earthquake victims within the critical window of the first 72 hours. Working tirelessly alongside local partners, they established temporary shelters, provided food and water, and distributed essential medical supplies to the most vulnerable, prioritising children, women and the elderly.


Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation’s unwavering commitment to disaster management shines brightly in the face of adversity. From the devastating floods in Pakistan to the earthquakes in Turkiye and Morocco, our collaboration has consistently delivered critical relief and support to the most vulnerable communities in their darkest hours.

Through a comprehensive approach that encompasses preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation, Aghosh UK has made a tangible difference to improve the lives of thousands. We have mobilised volunteers, partnered with stakeholders, and raised vital funds to deliver life-saving aid, rebuild infrastructure, and empower communities to become more resilient in the face of future disasters.

Key Achievements:

● Aghosh UK has a proven track record of success in disaster management.
● The organisation’s comprehensive approach addresses all stages of the disaster cycle.
● Aghosh UK has made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of people affected by natural disasters.
● The organisation is committed to building a safer and more resilient world.

Looking Ahead:

Aghosh UK remains vigilant, ready to respond to future disasters with the same unwavering resolve. By supporting this vital organisation, you can help build a world where communities are equipped to weather any storm and emerge stronger than ever. Our journey is far from over. With every life saved, every home rebuilt, and every child protected, Aghosh UK renews its commitment to building a safer and more compassionate world.

Call to Action:

Visit Aghosh UK’s website to learn more about their work and how you can get involved. We urge our readers to donate generously to Aghosh UK’s disaster relief efforts and help us improve the lives of earthquake victims.

We urge our supporters to share Aghosh UK’s story with friends and family and help raise awareness of our disaster rescue and relief efforts.

Together, we can create a legacy of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

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