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Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response: A Lifeline to Gaza

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response A Lifeline to Gaza

Donate generously to the Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal


Since the most brutal attacks on Gaza in decades, a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions is unfolding before our very eyes. The international humanitarian community has recognised the collective punishment of Gaza’s civilians since October 7th. For many months now, the international media has extensively covered the devastating impact of indiscriminate bombings and ground invasions, as well as ongoing blockades of urgently needed humanitarian aid including water, food and fuel. As we delve into the complexities of Palestine’s plight, understanding the urgent need for humanitarian intervention becomes paramount. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are assisting our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza by providing emergency relief and support. In this article, we will discuss Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response and how it serves as a lifeline to the innocent civilians hoping to survive this conflict.

The Crisis in Gaza: Urgent Call for Emergency Fundraising

In the wake of the devastating attacks on Gaza since October 2023, the situation remains dire for its residents, who are trapped there and have no way out. In response to the unfolding crisis in Palestine, Aghosh UK, in unison with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA), has embarked on a crucial mission to support those affected in Gaza and the West Bank. We are urging our UK donor base to stand together with Gazans during this crisis. By donating £50, you can provide vital nurse care daily. By donating £100, you can support an ambulance service for a day. By donating £250, you can supply life-saving medication for 20 patients.

The Crisis in Gaza Urgent Call for Emergency Fundraising

Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Delivering Aid in Palestine

Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Delivering Aid in Palestine

As of February 2024, we have already delivered $1.4 Million in aid for Palestine relief. Our partner Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is coordinating relief efforts from warehouses in Cairo, Egypt, delivering humanitarian supplies to Gaza. In January alone, we delivered 150 tonnes of relief aid in 10 trucks over the Rafa Border, bringing essential supplies to Gaza. Supporting 6,000 Families for one month, we provided food items, rice, blankets, mattresses, and tents.

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine, donating to the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal can provide critical support to vulnerable Palestinian families. Your contribution helps deliver urgent healthcare assistance, addressing pressing medical needs and promoting healing for those affected by conflict-related injuries and trauma. Join us in making a difference and standing in solidarity with Palestine’s population.

Palestine’s Complex Geopolitical Problems

The geopolitical landscape of Palestine is fraught with complexity, shaped by decades of occupation, territorial disputes, and regional tensions. Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1947, Palestinian people have witnessed an apartheid status and continually lost their land to Zionist expansionist policies. Internationally acclaimed authors like Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Quigley, Khalidi, Said and Shlaim have made significant academic contributions to map Palestine’s complex geopolitical problems. In their writings, several persistent challenges have emerged. These include the ongoing military occupation and the expansion of illegal settlements, border control and blockades, proposed annexation plans, the contested status of Jerusalem, the refugee crisis, and isolation from international relations. Since the late 1990s, Gaza has been described as a huge open-air prison by humanitarian charities and even politicians; there are huge restrictions on any movement of people or goods into or out of the territory. The airspace and territorial water that borders Gaza are also controlled by occupying forces.

The ongoing blockade in Gaza (before the recent conflict) has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, restricting access to essential services and resources. OCHA reported a steep decline in relief missions carrying international aid entering Gaza, with 51% (39 of 77) denied by occupying authorities. The Gaza blockade has precipitated a multifaceted humanitarian crisis, characterised by acute poverty, inadequate healthcare, and food insecurity. Moreover, the blockade’s psychological toll on residents necessitates humanitarian intervention and sustained international efforts to alleviate the suffering of Gaza’s beleaguered and besieged population.

Palestine’s Complex Geopolitical Problem

The Human Toll of the Attacks on Gaza since October 2023

Attacks on Gaza have spanned more than 200 days, killing more than 36,600 Palestinians, mostly children and women, and wounding more than 81,000 people. Over 1.8 million people have been repeatedly displaced, and as of May 2024, there is no safe place in Gaza with repeated attacks on previously designated safe areas. People remain trapped with very little access to emergency humanitarian aid. Medical infrastructure has been destroyed due to bombings, ground incursions, and disorganised military engagements, in contravention of IHL (International Humanitarian Law). Since October 2023, the people of Gaza including children, women and the elderly have been given evacuation orders, forcing them to flee from northern Gaza first to Khan Yunis, and now to the Rafah border. Rafah was previously a designated zone for about 1.5m civilians taking shelter. However, in late May 2024 Gazans were ordered to evacuate Rafah. Rafah has become the latest target of attacks and ground invasions despite international condemnation and outrage. The Rafah/Egypt border crossing has also been closed, blocking any aid supplies.

The loss of life in this conflict is overwhelming. WHO Chief commented that “Gaza has become a death zone” as inhumane health and humanitarian conditions continue to worsen. The Gaza government media office reports that residents of northern Gaza have depleted food rations and have been forced to consume animal feed for weeks now. No one is safe from the violence as the UN has reported at least 300 health workers have been killed in the line of service. Additionally, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CJP) reported that more than 75% of the 99 journalists and media workers killed worldwide in 2023 died in the Israel-Gaza war.

Complications of Medical Aid in Conflict Zones

Injuries, whether severe or minor, require prompt medical attention to prevent long-term disability and fatal consequences. Civilians in war zones are at high risk of injuries and need medical care to mitigate the risk of death and disability. Prompt medical attention is necessary for injuries that involve severe trauma, such as broken bones, head injuries, and lacerations. Delaying treatment for such injuries can lead to infections, permanent damage, and even fatalities. Even minor injuries require timely attention to prevent long-term disability.

Poor Health Conditions of Palestinian Refugees

Refugee Palestinian families fleeing attacks face poor living conditions worsened by heavy rains that have caused a sharp rise in diseases, particularly affecting children. Epidemics are looming due to overcrowded shelters lacking necessities including sanitation. Diarrhoea cases among children under five have surged by 66%. Hospitals have been completely decimated and currently, only volunteer healthcare workers are writing prescriptions. UNICEF notes that children’s lives are threatened by the rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip. Gaza’s food insecurity is due to an alarming shortage of food, water, and health and nutrition facilities; this is all largely preventable as convoys of aid trucks are ready at the borders, however, access is repeatedly denied in contravention of international humanitarian law and the orders of the ICJ (International Court of Justice). Shockingly, 90% of children below the age of two and 95% of pregnant and breastfeeding women are facing severe food scarcity. Moreover, over 95% of households are limiting meals and portion sizes, and 64% of households are surviving on just one meal per day. To ensure small children have food to eat, over 95% of households have restricted the quantity of food adults receive.

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response

Aghosh UK’s Mission in Palestine

Despite the huge challenges of this ongoing humanitarian disaster, Aghosh UK remains steadfast in its mission to restore hope and dignity to the Palestinian people. Through its Palestine Emergency Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal, Aghosh UK and AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan have partnered with Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA) to embark on this critical humanitarian mission. We are deploying medical personnel, equipment and resources to areas in Gaza & West Bank where medical infrastructure has been destroyed.

Aghosh UK’s Mission in Palestine

Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal

Showing solidarity with Palestinian citizens, Aghosh UK immediately launched its Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal in October 2023 in response to the escalation of hostilities and attacks on people trapped in the Gaza Strip. Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat coordinated their teams, resources and expertise to launch an immediate emergency response. The appeal would provide emergency relief to the people of Palestine, including hot meals, food packs, shelter homes, and medical aid. Our charities quickly collected over $3.62 million to dispatch aid to Gaza through international agencies. Generous donations have continued since then as the crisis continues.

The response was overwhelming, with people from all over the world coming forward to support the cause. Aghosh UK’s social media campaigns, email newsletters, and website updates helped spread the word and raise awareness about the urgent need for support.

Our Palestine Response was a multi-episode initiative spread over multiple months. Once the humanitarian corridor was established, our trained Disaster Management Teams, alongside doctors with relief assistants were dispatched to Gaza from the Rafah Border. On November 04, 2023, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan dispatched its first consignment of relief aid from Pakistan to Gaza, including foodgrains, medicines, delivery kits, baby kits, hygiene kits, mosquito nets, and more. On December 26 2023, Alkhidmat shipped 20 ambulances to Gaza to deliver critical aid to displaced and affected families, as well as to children and pregnant women.

After the initial coordinated response, we stepped up our conflict relief efforts by launching the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal in support of Gaza’s refugees.

Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal​

Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal

As a result of the recent aggression in the Gaza Strip, over half of the 34 hospitals and medical centres in the region were destroyed or severely damaged such that they were declared out of service. This resulted in the displacement of over 1.1 million citizens to the southern governorates, which had limited medical services. The situation was compounded by the difficult living conditions in the shelter centres, poor sanitation and no clean water which has meant surges in disease, especially among children. This situation in the Gaza Strip requires an urgent need for external support to equip at least 18 medical points across the three governorates, providing urgent and essential health care to the population.

The Gaza Medical Emergency Aid Appeal aims to improve the health and living conditions of refugees in the southern Gaza Strip by providing appropriate living services, preventing the spread of diseases, ensuring safety, and reducing the burden on government hospitals due to the high number of citizens and refugees. This strategy was in operation until the most recent attacks on Rafah in May 2024. We will continue to assess and adapt our work to provide essential care and relief to the people of Gaza.

Our Gaza Medical Emergency Aid Appeal continues to raise funds to provide:

  • ICU Ambulances: Equipped with advanced medical equipment to provide critical care and transport critically ill patients to hospitals or field hospitals.
  • Mobile Health Units: Equipped with medical staff, equipment, and supplies to provide basic healthcare services in remote or crisis-affected areas.
  • Medicine & Trauma Kits: Containing essential medical supplies and equipment to provide emergency care and treat injuries and illnesses in crises.
  • Food & Water Supplies: Critical necessities for survival and provide sustenance and hydration to displaced refugees.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan teamed with local partners including PIMA Palestine to launch mobile health units and clinics across new refugee camps in Gaza. These MHUs provide primary medical care to vulnerable patients, especially during times of restricted movement due to conflict, and can help control epidemics.

Mobile health units are self-sustaining medical facilities that can be deployed to remote or crisis-affected areas. They are equipped with medical staff, equipment, and supplies to provide basic healthcare services, such as first aid, maternal care, and disease prevention. Each unit typically includes 2 doctors, 2 nurses, 1 driver, 1 ambulance, medical equipment and medicine supplies.

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities

Here is a list of Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities from October 2023 to February 2024:

  • Aghosh UK Distributed Cooked Food to Gaza’s Refugee Families
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Organised Emergency Medical Relief Camps
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Organised Mobile Field Clinics
  • Aghosh UK & PIMA Palestine Despatched ICU Ambulances for the Wounded & Injured 
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Dispatched 150 Tonnes of Relief Aid
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered 3rd Consignment of Gaza Relief
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered 20 Ambulances for Gaza
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Visits Camp Office in Cairo, Egypt
  • Alkhidmat Foundation President Visits Egypt
  • Alkhidmat Foundation President Visits Turkiye
  • Alkhidmat Distributed Food Packs in Hospitals
  • Alkhidmat Distributed Cooked Meals to Displaced Families
  • Aghosh UK & Alkhidmat Foundation Delivered Relief Supplies
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Distributed Medical Equipment at Avrupa Hospital
  • Alkhidmat Foundation Distributed Blankets to Displaced Families

Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response Activities

Call To Action: How You Can Support Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response

In solidarity with the people of Palestine, Aghosh UK invites individuals and organisations to join its mission of hope and compassion. There are several ways to support Aghosh UK’s Palestine response:

Donate Now:

Your generous donations enable Aghosh UK to continue its life-saving work and provide essential aid to Palestinian families in crisis. Every contribution makes a difference and helps restore hope and dignity to those in need.

Volunteer Now:

Volunteer with Aghosh UK and make a tangible difference in the lives of Palestinian communities affected by conflict and humanitarian crises. Whether you have medical expertise, logistical skills, or a passion for humanitarian work, there are opportunities to get involved and support Aghosh UK’s emergency relief efforts on the ground.

Spreading Awareness:

Raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Palestine and Aghosh UK’s response by sharing information and updates with your network. By amplifying the voices of Palestinian communities and highlighting the work of Aghosh UK, you can help mobilise support and solidarity for those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute to emergency fundraising efforts for Gaza?

Willing donors can donate through the Aghosh UK website by selecting your donation amount and following the instructions to complete the payment. You can also donate to the Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal through the provided URL.

What impact do international partnerships have on relief efforts in Palestine?

International partnerships play a vital role in relief efforts in Palestine. In the case of Aghosh UK’s Palestine Response, international partnerships with the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA) have allowed for a coordinated and effective response to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. These partnerships have enabled the delivery of essential aid and medical supplies to Gaza, providing relief to those affected by the conflict. Additionally, these partnerships have helped to raise awareness about the crisis and the urgent need for humanitarian intervention.

How does funding a mobile health unit make a difference in Palestine?

The conflict has resulted in widespread damage to medical infrastructure, making it difficult for people to access basic healthcare services. A mobile health unit can address this issue by delivering medical care to areas where healthcare services are limited or non-existent. The unit can provide a range of services, including primary care, emergency care, and mental health support, to those in need. With the support of donors, Aghosh UK and its partners can deploy mobile health units to reach remote and underserved communities in Gaza, providing them with the care they need to survive the crisis.

How are my donations used?

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are transparent about how donations are used and provide regular updates on the impact of their relief efforts. Your donations can go towards providing hot meals, water, and medical assistance to those in need. With your support, Aghosh UK and its partners can also deploy mobile health units to reach remote and underserved communities in Gaza, providing them with the care they need to survive the crisis. Additionally, your donations can go towards providing life-saving medication, supporting an ambulance service, or supplying nurse care to those in need.

Is Aghosh UK a legitimate charity?

Yes, Aghosh UK is a legitimate charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number 1188151). The charity operates with complete transparency and has a proven track record of undertaking relief and development work in various parts of the world, including Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine.

How are Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation collaborating for Palestine Relief?

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation are collaborating for Palestine relief by combining their resources, expertise, and networks to provide essential aid and support to the people of Gaza. Alkhidmat Foundation, a well-established and respected organisation in Pakistan, has been instrumental in coordinating and delivering relief efforts from warehouses in Cairo, Egypt. Aghosh UK has been providing financial and material support to Alkhidmat Foundation for the procurement and distribution of essential supplies to Gaza.


  • Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are providing emergency relief to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • The crisis in Gaza has escalated since October 2023, with attacks killing over 36,600 Palestinians and wounding more than 81,000.
  • The blockade in Gaza has restricted access to essential services, leading to a humanitarian crisis.
  • Aghosh UK’s Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal and Gaza Emergency Medical Aid Appeal aim to provide medical aid, food, water, and shelter to those affected.
  • Donations to these appeals can provide critical support, including nurse care, ambulance services, and life-saving medication.
  • Aghosh UK and its partners have delivered aid, set up medical camps, and dispatched ambulances to provide relief.
  • The ongoing conflict has caused significant damage to medical infrastructure, necessitating the deployment of mobile health units.
  • Individuals can support Aghosh UK’s efforts by donating, volunteering, or spreading awareness.
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