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Aghosh Homes

Aghosh Homes support orphans who have no guardians

We provide residential care, safety, support & education for orphans and provide hope for a brighter future.

A Place To Belong, A Chance To Thrive

Pakistan has a significant number of orphans, with estimates ranging from 4 to 10 million. Many of these children have lost both their parents to poverty, natural disasters or conflict. The lives of orphan children are especially challenging without any parents or guardians to protect and guide them.

Aghosh UK and Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP) are committed to improving the lives and outcomes of orphan children.

Our Aghosh Homes are homely

We are providing a safe and nurturing environment for orphan children, where they can feel at home and receive the care and support they need to thrive.

Aghosh Homes - Providing Community and Care for Orphans

Aghosh Homes offer unmatched, high-quality boarding and educational facilities on the pattern of a Cadet College to support orphan children to thrive. They also provide health screening and care, as well as support for social and spiritual development. 

There are 22 Aghosh Homes throughout Pakistan supporting over 1,800 orphans, and 8 more Aghosh Homes are under construction, and 5 more in the planning stage.  There are also Aghosh Homes supporting orphans in Afghanistan, and also in Gazientep, Turkiye, following the devastating earthquakes in 2023.

Giving Orphans an Opportunity to Thrive

Every child deserves to feel safe, loved and cared for. For many orphans this is not the case, and they have to fend for themselves, struggling to meet their basic needs and lacking the support and guidance they need to thrive.

Features of Aghosh Homes

Our Aghosh Boarding and Lodging facilities are loaded with unmatched features, that rival some of the premium institutes around the continent.

Comfortable Dormitory Accommodation

Classroom Facitilies

Healthy Food

Admin Offices

Multipurpose Halls

Play Grounds



Open Areas for Games

Indoor Games Areas

Quality Education

Co-curricular Activities

Lectures on Psychology

Computer Education

Regular medical screening

Exposure Visits

Recreational/ Study Tours

In-door and Out-door Sports

Hygienic Facility

Computer Labs

Warden Rooms

Dining Halls

Account Offices

Store Rooms

Supporting Staff Rooms


Car Parking Areas


Security Guard Rooms

Healthy Food

Lodging Facility

and much more!

Education for every Aghosh orphan

We are ensuring that the children receive a high-quality education, with access to qualified teachers and modern educational resources, to equip them with the skills they need for a brighter future.

Add Your Support to Orphans in Aghosh Homes Aghosh Homes

Sponsor an Orphan in an Aghosh Home

Your regular donation will provide an orphan with housing, food, education & other essentials

£65 (per month)

Share Classroom

Contribute 1 (or more!) bricks to an Aghosh Home for Orphans and leave a lasting legacy.

£100 (per month)

Donate a share in a classroom

Donate a share in a classroom where orphans will be educated.

£1000 (per class)

Aghosh Home Custom Donation

Your generous donation can support residential and educational facilities for orphans in Aghosh Homes.

Custom donation

Give the gift of love and support by sponsoring orphans today.

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